You have 30 days to return kshs1000 note

Ruto na wenzake wenye walikua wame stash loot wane patikana-nice tackle

After that the note will be rendered useless if you don’t adhere to the directive

How’s 1st October 30 days from now?

yaani siku hizi kila kitu ni Ruto this Ruto that

I have read malice in it,how come he has said the new bank notes will circulate in the economy same with the old note save for 1000 note, don’t you think there is political lining to ensure all corrupt guys will be nubed, especially those who have been stacking money under the mattress.
Obviously you will have to take the notes to the bank for to get the new currency

October 1 set as deadline

Pesa ilibadilisha kitambo to foreign currency… this shit wont work.

RKO punjabi style,hope they pull it off ,wakenya jangili watakiona:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

Gathecha anafinya makende ya looters small scale ,big scale looters wamesha convert pesa to gold na other valuable minerals .#cluelessgovernment

You can never fight the system… Smoking out thieves in a clever way

Who stashes notes? Kwanza Kshs? Do you have any idea how bulky 100 million cash is. Just ask any bank manager? Now imagine billions. Even President Uhuru has a car that carries money just like all previous Presidents. My friend, the target here isn’t the 10% up there, pesa hiko hapa na pale within the system which is their system. Ni nyinyi civilians billionaires being targeted. This was done in India just 2 years ago.

But who stores looted millions and billions in Kenya shillings? Si ni dollars and Euros mainly ABROAD!

will they provide security ,from our mattress to Centro bank ?

Okiya omtata in court next week

Hii ni master-stroke wakubwa… for the first time i say hongera to the govt…should even be done in 60 days…
you return millions and have to explain the source and if your tax returns reflect…

You should see how faces of the people in the podium changed… :D:D

halafu watatoa wapi ya kupea watu wa mkono mashinani ??

Don’t you think we have smarter people who know how to go around this and defeat it

He he he… ati nini my fren… WSR is always a head of the rest of f-uckers… He operates on $s, £s, ¥, € etc …not a risk taker just incase…he operates on less risky denominations kama 200. 500 za kutoa tithe na harambee to the greedy clergy

Okay… Didn’t you see KNOC officials during the Rio debacle.they had millions in their bedrooms

Its the dumbest that will have it rough,a procurement officer pale Turkana:D

Waiguru converted NYS loot kitambo sana. Inafanywa money laundering na inatupwa 40 different accounts in different countries.

And that is Waiguru. Now imagine someone like DP uncle Ruto.:D:D

Huyo hata bibi yake hajui account zake. These are folks who deal with Jewish accountants in Switzerland. Ni kama movie.