You gotta love it seeing Drake gettting humbled


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Rumor has it diddy clapped drake… That negro is sus af… Kwanza “started from the bottom”


It’s not a rumour; he slapped him, not clapped him. Regardless Kendrick has Drake in so many different ways. The title of the dick is even alluding to Drake being a pedophile

Enda pale Worldstar… Drake and the majority of rappers are geh

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Diddy has done more damage to the industry than you can ever imagine. He used to compromise dudes with hoes and a 4 drug combo of cocaine, ketamine, Viagra and MDMA.

Look up what that drug combo does for you and you will start to fathom how lethal Diddy is.


To this

Family Matters doesnt even measure up to Euphoria. Now Meet the Grahams is a different story. But as we stand right now, the burden of proof lies on both of them.

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New Slang(No Diddy-No H*#O)

Hizo diss track Ni meffi tupu compared to hii ya Jadakiss Na NAS.


Drake vs K Dot is exciting because of the level of direct hits K has registered so far. Drake used to be an industry bully with the ability to kill careers, but he has finally met someone who can go toe to toe with him and body him. Rather than focusing on the bogeyman he is going after people like ASAP Rocky, who wasn’t even in the mix in the first place. Which speaks to the army of ghost writers because he doesn’t 100% control his creative.

Hip-hop history is rife with exciting beefs. This one flew under many peoples radar but it was litty for really.

Joyner Lucas dropped

Tory Lanes clapped back in 24hrs

Who asked you?


My exact issue with Drake. There is an entire diss track called Euphoria where he could simply address everything Kendrick said but the dude is instead shifting goalposts and side theatrics by addressing people he knows are very soft punches. I also don’t like his childish IG theatrics



K DOt didn’t come play innit. Ice this nigga for once and for all.

Juvenile entertainment for a kypii.

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Drake na Kendrick wanafaa waende Kwa lodgo wachunishane mkia

Finally a true hip hop head that’s why napenda hii site. Add to the list Ile ya Story of Adidon ya Pusha T

Hii emo rap huniboo Ka shiet ni music ya faggots sijui how Drake/ J Cole is the goat am like how long have you been listening to this

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Defending himself now. Hii sini truce

That man is cooked 100% and there is a high chance his career is gone with him. Not only did he make a very lame diss but he simply retorted his fans’ internet theories. I ahd already seen so much of stuff on Twitter was already bored. A very desperate move and clearly a downing man is clutching to straws. To add salt to an injury, the guy made some very ridiculous claims that could easily be fact-checked by a simple Google search. Now the entire world is laughing at him. PRIDE AND EGO DID HIMA VERY GOOD ONE