You gotta be incredibly stupid to buy the iPhone SE

At this point here we are no longer talking about value for price, we are talking about total rip off. Why would anybody buy a 2016 rebranded phone? You are better off with a 15k Tecno than a 40k iPhone SE. I wont even go into other specs but a 4.7 screen in 2020? With huge bezels and probably pixels the size of a window pane? That is an insult to loyal Apple customers. Just waiting to see which people will buy this phone because at this price and specs, it no longer about the brand and status, maybe its about mental retardation and ability to waste money.

Apart from the ‘security’ and ‘privacy’ features that they talk about, I don’t think there is anything special about apples.

They are gonna buy.

Less than a month ago I decided to quit iPhones …and when I saw they gonna do cheaper versions I quit the second time. They are watering down the brand to a level that all they will have to compete are specs which has never been their selling points. I have had iPhones since iPhone 4 and I tell you since Steve jobs died they completely lost it

Apple products have always been for posers. Their only product I ever owned was a 3Gs circa 2009 or was it 2010. It was revolutionary at that moment in time… and I was young and dumb. The other day I saw Jalas video on Facebook doing his call in show… the guy had an apple PC on his desk… probly only uses it to type emails watch pron yet it cost him an arm and leg to buy… lakini unajua tu… lazima statement iwe made. Posers everywhere.

Apple products are just status symbols to look like you’ve made it, mostly used by people who their image matters to whoever they are interacting with e.g. CEOs, DJs, bank managers and the like.

iPhone is overrated. Meffi phone

This guy has said it! But he also has another video saying you should buy it. Biggest selling point is that bionic chip that’s faster than any Android phone out there.

Using a 40k iPhone RE (Recycled Edition) is a far cry from making it

Apple sells a superior brand, not superior products. You pay for the bitten apple.

if you were observative you’d see that was a whole 10 mins of sarcasm.

Apple products are ugly.

Biggest selling point aside from “it’s an iPhone” is that it has a superior chip.
I honestly don’t see how that helps much unless you’re doing graphic design on phone

Kamati ya roho chafu imejaa kwa huu uzi.
Napanga kununua iphone 11pro baada ya covid kutulia mifuko ikirudi sawa.

Never bought an iPhone

iPhone , Flagship (Samsung S series , Huawei , Sony , LG , HTC) all are the same . They slow down their Flagship phones after 9months ndio you buy their next model. Google pixel is the best. You get android version updates.

Yet they’re still a trillion dollar company. Actually the first.

Time tunang’ang’ana kuleta 5000+mah battery, Apple wanatuletea a 1800mah one in 2020. What a disgrace
P.S notch zao huwa inaniudhi sana. What’s the point of it if inakula 80% of the top display

mom the contrary, I was considering buying it. I have an iPhone XR which I consider was a ripoff on my part. Most of the functionality I don’t use. All I need it for is talk and WhatsApp. My photos and all.
I was sold on iPhones since 3GS and can’t consider moving to any other. What they are doing is considering people like us who don’t care much about flashy functionality. This one goes to me wife and I get the knock off one