You don't mess with Russia


anything with the word Sukhoi in it gets me wanking in glee. Long live Russia.

the Chechens ni bad news

So the west still finds is ok to give terrorists, tanks, artillery and armour because they are trying to overthrow a regime that isn’t in their favour. Soon those same friendly terrorist will show up here or their capitals to blow up the place after they turn rogue. Remember osama bin laden was a good cia agent in Afghanistan during the USSR takeover. The rest is history.


Mzito Putin.

Hapo sawa. UK ampatie simu.

Case in point… Libya also


“Americans love bombing small, defenseless countries into the stone age, it’s part of their culture like baseball, apple pie, and morbid obesity. One of the things they never do, however, is pick on a country that can fight back.”

Sounds like some RT shit.

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Aren’t their targets already in turmoil

This Syrian shit will be the start of the third world war the moment USA will decide to send it’s troops on the ground to oust Assad… kitaumana.

Huyu Assad amejifunika vizuri sana. I wonder where he is in Syria, kama bado ako state house yao ama ako kwa shimo.
The US has really destroyed that country.

Lesson here is settle your disputes internally. Once you let the west fund groups within your nation to take power then the end result is complete destruction and breakup of the country. President Assad is a dictator, has committed mass death and expulsion of citizens. However a lot would prefer the good old days of dictatorship and peace than living in complete ruin as 10 other extreme terrorist groups fight to rule. Its only a matter of time this combat hardened, well trained and armed terrorist leave Syria with their weapons to wreck havoc abroad.

Netanyahu said its even better to have President Assad fully in control of Syria and its arms despite his strong opposition to Israel than have a nation control by a dozen extremist groups with no control or care. I believe Assad lives in various safe houses and bunkers in Damascus and the greater region. However his military generals are even more important in the current conflict than himself. They dug deep and rallied behind him to hold the country despite half a dozen western spy agencies coordinated campaign to oust him.

Dr.Assad is guarded by Elite Russian Forces. Same with Damascus. No way is enemy force is getting to Damascus w/out Russia and Iran’s blessings.

They can’t mess with the bear