You better get woke to their lies. Biden impeachment.

[SIZE=5]@Leproff @Guy004 Trump was impeached because of this. Welcome to the world of Democrats and their BIG LIES :[/SIZE]



@Guy004 @Leproff @Mangele reports coming in are that Biden made a “perfect call” to Ukraine. :D:D:D

I.e give us some dirt on Trump and we will give you your weapons.

Now all we need is a whistleblower on this phone call. And what did Biden say to Putin? Did Putin offer something to Biden???

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What did he do? Why do you get your news from conservative Twitts

Clearly you don’t know why Trump was impeached the first time. And FYI politico is a leftist rag piece.

Ever heard of the words Quid Pro Quo? Did you hear the Democrats chanting these words daily in 2019?

It means you scratch my back, and I’ll scratch yours. Basically for Biden to hold back the weapons to Ukraine it appears he was trying to get a favour from Putin.

Trump was accused of holding back weapons to Ukraine so he could get the Ukrainian President to investigate Biden. The CIA then released the taped phone call. Sijui kama umeelewa. But you are free to spin this anyway you like.

Sleepy Joe should be impeached. Same “crime” same punishment. You cant have 2 different laws for demons and republicans.

And do you know the first thing Biden did when he got into office??

He promoted the brother of the so called whistleblower!:D:D

I mean this is grand corruption. It means that Democrats coerced these intelligence officers to release the recorded call. It’s preposterous.

If Trump did this below, he would’ve been impeached a third time :

Vindman twin set for promotion after bad evaluations from Trump appointees - POLITICO

Senile Joe should be impeached

I am not willing to engage in debates with you guys because I don’t want to waste my time and energy. It is widely known and accepted that Trump supporters are idiots.

It’s so moronic that your source of information is a twit from another idiot in America. It doesn’t occur to you that if some huge scandal like this happened Trump would be singing about it in all the interviews he has been doing lately. Fox news, News max, AON and the other right wing news channels will be talking about it 24/7, coz literally these guys have been looking for a scandal for Joe Biden, can’t find one. Even at one point talking about Bidens dog as a scandal, but it doesn’t stick because sane American people don’t care about Bidens dog.

Lastly the Republican senators and house of representatives would be whining about at every chance. But we know you guys are idiots, even Trump used to say he liked the less educated people. People who believe in conspiracy theories like Qanon, flat Earth, illuminati etc. We understand you. I don’t have the energy to argue with the irrational people. So I rest my case.

I thought you said that Trump’s popularity is waning, kumbe you “sane” people watch him so religiously on Fox, OANN and Newsmax? :smiley:

Hadi unajua jina za stations and where to find him.

So you claim that Biden committed an impeachable offence but instead of the GOP lawmakers drafting articles of impeachment they are busy drafting tweets? MAGATS retarded as usual :smiley:

We watch both sides of the story to know the truth. Not like you.