You are ignoring content from this member!!


What is this?

I haven’t ignored anyone… Did you select them for me?

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Let’s make a hotdog … You bring the buns

??? Whats not hapenning??

Has anyone commented on this thread? Am ignoring content from y’all courtesy of @admin

Maybe someone in “management” wants you all to himself. Cock blocking at its nerdiest! :D:D:D:D


@Female Perspective NIAJE?

lazima utaingia box:D:D:D:D:D

avicii a certain damsel from klist in uon aliingia box?
you know who i mean?

Message copied now bend over.

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Female Perspective = Thitimaa au ni Itiina :confused:

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Hehehehe…so @Female Perspective cant see any of our comments coz the @admin did so??? Tsk tsk tsk…pliz dont do the same to purity…@purr-27

could @Supu don be the @admin i remember (s)he did the same thing to @Lola- in krost

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aish…are u sure?

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Wtf dude
… Sitaongea about that

sasa hii ndio maana watu hukatwa transformers…:slight_smile:

siku hizi transformer ni removable tukisense danger tunatoa tunaweka kwa mfuko

@ol monk…(bway mbona haileti the handle click pop up?) How is this activated?

admin kamua nyoka

Hahaha @admin amekuwa turned on na nympho wa kijiji. @Female Perspective kubali tu jamaa aoshe rungu

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