Yoko Shimomura

Meet one of the most creative composers of music for video games. Among her most notable work is the tunes for Capcom’s Street Fighter 2 in all its iterations. Those growing up late 90s might remember this. It was BIG; kids would steal and stash away coins in the course of the week from their folks, in preparation for the coming virtual battles at the weekend in their favorite gaming arcade. Arcade zilikuwa kadhaa; Sarit, LA mall; Pop-In; hapo karibu Sports Hse.
It was tough! Guys would come in pairs to demo. their skills, and for the elite, to take on the indomitable opponent (the CPU). And you had to be good 'cos if you lost, actually when you lost, it would be a good couple of hours before you got another chance…watoi walikuwa wengi.
The game was amazing! The times were amazing. But the music…it was the icing on the cake. It made this game all the more enjoyable and memorable.

A big Kudos to this woman.