I read a Kenyan lady got tricked into sexual slavery. Why is it so many women, in droves are seeking love elsewhere? Is it a case of seeking a shortcut to making it or have our men failed to love the women?
I know we don’t click here, the story is about one Laura Imali. How do we help?

Copy paste the story, unless iwe ni clit.

Yaani hadi Sde mumeanza hii tabia huku?

Salon imefunguliwa late leo, anyway nimevuta kiti niskize udaku

Sasa @MaryJane do you have a friend called Elizabeth? Tell her nampenda.

Alafu, weka story yote hapa

Unataka kucheki maneno ya huyo Elizabeth?

ngozi nyeupe wandhani ni pesa wao ndio wajinga nothing to do with kenyan men, uliona the University of Nai chic that was killed by a British Niccur (LOL I kent) I mean man by flashing her meds down the loo. Look at those eyes he does not look normal



You don’t read the dailies? Anyway. . . .

"There is a traumatising porn clip
doing the rounds featuring a black
girl and two white men.
In the four-minute clip, which has
caused an online uproar, Laura
Imali, a Kenyan, is shown being
sexually abused by two white men.
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Laura appears to be in pain as she
sheds tears. Meanwhile, her abusers,
who can only be seen from the waist
downwards, are having a ball,
slapping the victim severally and
pulling her hair.
Contacted by The Nairobian, Interpol
confirmed they are investigating the
case which involves a foreigner
suspected to be Laura’s ‘lover.’
“The man has been to Kenya four
times in the last three years. We are
piecing together any information we
can get so that we establish if the
girl was in the production willingly
or was coerced,” said our source at
The Nairobian’s investigations
reveal that Laura was looking for love
when she joined a dating site where
she met a man named Ted S from
The porn clip was sent last week to
Laura’s friend, a certain Cynthia
Khamati, from an address she claims
she could not recognise.
The nasty turn of events led Cynthia
to appeal for help on behalf of her
friend. Cynthia claims that Laura was
a mutual friend she met mid last
“I met her through a mutual friend,
but we were not close, although we
could occasionally meet and go
clubbing. We didn’t know about
each other’s background or family, it
was a relationship that wasn’t too
strong,” explains Cynthia. Asked how
Laura hooked up with Ted S, Cynthia
claimed that her friend was
searching for love and she advised
her to try her luck on a dating site,
“Laura was single when she came
for advice, so I asked whether she
has tried dating sites. She wanted to
know which one and I told her to
join,” says Cynthia. She
says she did not force her friend to
join or register on the site.
“It was just chitchat but she
however joined the site,” adds
She narrates that after a month and
a half, Laura received interest from
several men, but one man was
persistently chatting her up.
His user name is Ted S from Ohio.
“That was in November last year.
Eventually, they started dating and
she confided in me he was even
sending her money,” said Cynthia.
In December, Ted S came to Kenya
and Laura invited her friend to meet
him. “She was in love and I was
happy for her,” she said, adding that
they met at a shopping mall in Westlands for a meal and drinks.
Cynthia claims that was the only and
last time she saw Laura’s boyfriend.
“He looked decent and had great
personality. He was aged between 34
and 37, but we didn’t talk much
about,” says Cynthia.
She didn’t see the two lovebirds
until a few weeks later when Laura
told her that her lover had gone
back to the US to make her travel
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“In March, Ted sent her a ticket and
she flew out to join him. It did not
strike me that they were moving too
fast, but I wished her well in her
new life,” explains Cynthia.
Laura had promised to keep in touch
and send Cynthia her forwarding
address once she was in Ohio.
“That was the last I heard of her,”
claims Cynthia. The two friends lost
contact until last week when Cynthia
received mail, which shocked her.
It was a clip, which featured Laura
being pulled by the hair, and forced
to perform oral sex on two white
men, as they called her names, with
tears flowing down her face.
The Nairobian traced the video back
to a website that prides itself as the
best when it comes to ‘extreme
rough white men on black women
interracial sex.’
Our Interpol source says that in the
United States, featuring in a
pornographic video is legal if a
woman is not underage. They are
yet to determine if Kenyan women
are being forced into sexual slavery
or they are doing it for money.
The suspected man, Ted S, in the
porn website, has uploaded more
than 12,000 videos featuring sexual
acts with black girls. There are five
videos featuring Laura engaging in
degrading sexual acts.
Cynthia says her friend would have
never willingly participated in a porn
“She valued morality and I think she
was forced to do it. I can recognise
his man from that clip. He is one of
the two men who are sexually
assaulting her,” adds Cynthia.
Contacted by The Nairobian, Gavin,
who is in charge of ‘Tagged
Customer Experience,’ advised that
we “copy and paste the link into
your reply to this email and we will
investigate your report.

Mimi niko na pesa yangu and I like white cocks. Personal preference just like how Uwes likes momos.


@The.Black.Templar Hello, no don’t have any friend by that name. Lakini mbona usiambie huyo Elizabeth mwenyewe unampenda?

maybe kadame kalikuwa na fetishes za shrek, kaka ona huyu ikakuwa once in a lifetime opportunity


@spax huu sio udaku. Wale wameona video wanasema ni mbaya sana.

Then Robert Alai alleges Laura was pimped by Cynthia. . .

Women can be very stupid! That story is just annoyingly sad…how can you go to another country and you very well know you can’t afford to atleast come back let alone fend for yourself.

Let’s speak the truth, sometimes its good to give these women/girls a proper slap on the face just to make them come back to their senses.

Link ya video iko wapi?

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kama wajiweza hapo sawa, lakini wengine wajinga watoka Dandora unaenda nchi kama Austria Europe kule hata lugha hufahamu,na huna pesa ya kujishughulikia kukiwa kubaya,halafu unalilia nchi yako ikusaidie, wao ni ujinga wa kuzaliwa nao

Furthermore the dude has a porn site full of african ladies desperate for money, acting!!!

Link to the clip iko?

I don’t have the link to the clip. Apparently it making rounds on whatsapp groups. Incidentally hizo whatsapp group watu hujoin wapi?