yet again

i tell you, be careful what music you listen, what stuff you watch…it is affecting your spirit slowly but with big impact

look how the world celebrates idols (celebrities), some people even faint or get excited when they come face to face with a celebrity, as if he/she is their messiah.
ask some of the kids who their role model is or…some will reply the names of them celebrities. it is just sad.

remember that those celebrities have lost their souls for materialism and to be loved by the world.

why let your heart be blinded through illusions which you call entertainment,
what happened to afrikans



Niaje mchuna skuma


You is ridiculous :meffi:

Very true, idolising a human being or animal is just outrageous.


@purp is @Merry Christmas

My idol is Christiano Ronando


why do you say that?

Sad for who? You want the kids to emulate your miserable life?

what miserable life

What’s up my dear?

When you mention celebs people think musicians and hollywood stars. They forget about celebs who mislead them everyday like pastors, televangelists, radical sheikhs and politicians including tribal kingpins who have led them to their doom.
I have seen celebs faint on stage too due to burnouts. The puppet masters have it easy for they rule them

I’m fine thank you