Yes Rasta!

… from the very day we left the shores of our fathers land, we’ve been trampled on…![ATTACH=full]250170[/ATTACH]

Baby baby we’ve got a date baby baby don’t you be late I’ll meet you at your house at a quarter to eight. We gonna rock it baby rock it baby tonight .
The wailers- Rock it baby

Come down, come down Jah Jah
Come down, come down I pray
I know you have already seen all the things that I’ve seen today
Come down, come down Jah Jah
Come down I pray
You won’t need a helping hand to see the youths have lost their way
Hailing from the country where the air is fresh and clean, money in my pocket, so i find it necessary to travel to the city, trying to make two ends meet but the hassle and bustle for the dollar make things incomplete
~Ras Shiloh ~