Yes I can!!!


Had a wonderful weekend with my family.It was a great re-union and the climax was the dinner that we had with our lost son, POTUS.I thank our great sister Auma for organizing such a wonderful event.
I have been thinking over the weekend that if our son could make it in a foreign country,why can’t @Tiriitiondo give it a shot.
Fellow talkers,my name will be in the ballot come 2017 and seek your support to enable me achieve this dream.Yes I Can!!!

Chairman wa cattle dip ama?

To quote another great Luo- “Your dreams are valid”

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Ngoja tu 2017 utakuwa unaomba appointment kuniona claiming we were friends in ktalk!!

Nugu!!,never heard anyone saying obama was a luo,everyone was saying he was a kenyan!!

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You porcupine! Do you think denying the fact will alter an iota of the fact?

Gerarahia Nigga!!

i wont, get a rope…

Btw, where was the other great luo when all this was happening

maybe you can be the chairman of the foreskins association,kibera chapter


@Tiriitiondo and which post will you be gunning for?

Yes you can!! I’ll be your Shebesh…

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What makes her “great”? I hardly think winning 1 oscar makes you great. Winning several and getting constantly nominated? Yes…

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how many kenyans have won an oscar, leave alone being nominated?



more likely bacon…

Idiot. what have you achieved in your life?? She is a great Kenyan by all means.


Yvonne Muinde for her Matte painting in Avatar

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thanks. but can you epound kidogo…what is Matte painting?

What you did to Njeri Wa Thiong’o during their homecoming will not go unnoticed!!