yes, am a moderator, but today, nimecatch feelings:

I hate them! I hate them with a passion. It happened way back in 1987, when they murdered in cold bloof our most promising village young man! Yes: the shiftas. The somali muslims. The kenyan Somali muslims. Otherwise previously known as the shiftas.
They have mutated themselves into alshabab and with the help of Eastleigh and local politicians, they are able to propagate their revenge in the name of Somalia anarchy. This is no alshabaab business. Its shifta shiftavshifta…shifta. Shifta!We need to draw the line. Shiftas wakae kwao. Kenya(from garrissa southwards), ibaki salama.
We don’t need the North eastern part of Kenya!!!

@Electronics4u u r playing right into their hands sir…stop stereotyping, otherwise that’s how civil wars start

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nani alisema mods are immune to catching

mwanaume hua hacatch feelings na aki catch anajiwekea


The first question I asked myself when I heard of this attack in the morning was why are there students of other denominations in garissa yet we have so many universities around? Stereotyping, yes. But that’s the reality. Those bananas should be left alone to their devices, everyone else ships out and a wall built around them to keep the rest of humanity safe. 150 lives?? Good lord!!

My exact sentiments. We saw it with the teachers and medics. Slowly by slowly, non-Somali Kenyans should just leave that place and let them be. Leave them to their own devices. After all it’s been demonstrated time and again that we’re not welcome there.

Mwenyewe is a keyboard Knight. Go live there we know that you have the balls to be able to do it. Enough is enough. I support Dr Luther on this one.

My point exactly. Kenyatta angeacha Somalis wakae Somalia. What value does this frontier add to our country anyway? Ni mashida tupu day in day out. We are paying for the sins of our fathers.

From your comments, it seems that the matapaking terrorists have achieved their objective

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Land is wealth ata kama ni mawe. Uliza Saudi arabia na UAE

Which objective would that be?

where are the human rights watchdogs now, wait when the govt starts dealing with these shiftas and you find them crawling out of their holes.

Winning north part of Kenya.
That land is more valueable than you think and Kenya has more than enough resources to defend and dev. that north part just like everything else in this country we lack proper organization of security and use of resources in that region.

To scare the chieth out of you. And have you believe in their superiority. And eventually create an Islamic state.

by five masked men?! cmon these are cowards hawajakaribia level ya poko haram let alone isis

I frankly don’t care for their objectives and whether they achieve them or not. For now, I think it’s prudent for all non-Somalis to leave/ vacate the entire of the former NEP and its successor counties. It’s been made amply clear, time and time again and at great cost to us, that we are unwelcome there. Wacha tuwaondokee turudi kwetu. And for all of you seated there comfortably at home thinking that this is prime real estate, hamieni huko.

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You better be prepared for a fallout from the ongoing Yemeni conflict. Libya 2.0 coming to a screen near you.

Border iwe wapi? Those skinny gun wielding thugs hawatatosheka hata waachiwe north frontier. It’s high time proper mechanisms were put in place to keep them at bay. What’s the army doing? NIS? Kenya Police? Wananchi ourselves?

Recce Squad was better suited for the hostage situation why they were called in at 4pm beats logic.

They claim arrival was delayed by logistics.:frowning: