Yellow fever certificate

Hi, anyone know where and how much I can get a yellow fever certificate without getting the jab? I have an old booklet that is defaced and might not get accepted anymore.

enda maternity ward room 167

[SIZE=2]vaccipharm. Mez3 corner hse[/SIZE]

Some are not recognised. Many Kenyans get issues upon landing elsewhere. Za GoK ndio advisable

Visit Port Health at any airport.
Hapa ni Wilson Airport… Nowadays kwanza yellow fever ni lifetime.

Thank me later.


He doesn’t not need to be jabbed again since the jabs are lifetime so nothing fraudulent there.He simply needs to get a replacement for the card na hapo juu nimeona kuna such an option at 1000/-

Correct, I already have the lifetime jab, just need a replacement card as after my booklet has gone through many hands , its falling apart. Asanteni sana.

oh…and evidence of that is vissible kwa iyo old card?

Yangu iko na ma cellotape at least inavumilia

Enda travel house…opposite city hall… you get it on the spot at 1k…mpaka polio