Year 2120- Mind-uploading enters mainstream society

Today, citizens have access to special clinics in which their biological brains can be literally discarded in favour of artificial ones. Rather than simply “duplicating” a mind, the machine physically shifts the consciousness, like a sponge soaking up water. The brain is gradually replaced – piece by piece – so the original personality remains intact during the transition. This vital aspect of the procedure assuages the fear which many have of losing their identity.

For the wealthiest individuals, entire new bodies can be grown, into which the synthetic brains can be transplanted. These bodies may themselves be artificial, with options for partially cyborg or fully robotic replacements. Externally, they are often indistinguishable from real human bodies, but include many hi-tech add-ons and internal features boosting physical and mental abilities.

With each passing year, society is becoming increasingly fractured, with an ever-widening divide between those who seek to enhance themselves, and those who prefer to eschew such technology.

Wadau, us and our children will probably be the last batch of humans to completely die and be forgotten.

The human species won’t survive to see the next century

Nope, it won’t happen. The limiting factor is this earth which is rapidly becoming uninhabitable due to climate change effects. That’s why Elon Musk plans to sell all his terrestrial belongings and colonize Mars by 2026. But even their lofty plans are in vain. What’s certain is the fact that Jesus is coming back very soon! May that day find us ready.

Why so??

It’s easier to control global warming and rehabilitate deserts on Earth than it is to go to space and try terraforming Mars to make it habitable. I do believe, though, we still have a good number of centuries to go on Earth. Even if worse comes to worse with global warming, the next ice age due in a few thousand years will reset all the damage we have done. As always, life will find a way to survive.

Probably the next millennium but not century

Have you watched black mirror or Rick and Morty or Lord Voldemorts hocruxes?

This concept has always been there, and I doubt the back up will be the real you