Year 2053- panyasteism is cured.. at least for mbirrionaires' children

The ability to manipulate DNA has come a long way since its discovery in 1953. A century on, wealthy parents now have the option of creating “perfect” babies in the laboratory. This is done by picking and choosing their best hereditary traits. Gender, height, skin, hair and eye colour – along with hundreds of other characteristics – can be programmed into the embryo prior to birth. The embryo is then grown in an artificial The most advanced (and controversial) techniques involve manipulating the brain to improve the child’s intelligence, behaviour and personality. Many conservative and religious groups decry what they see as the commercialisation of the human body.[/li]

An article that starts with a false statement deserves no further attention. DNA was not discovered in 1953, it is the double-helix structure of DNA that was determined in 1953

jeez, same thing man! Whether it was structure of DNA or DNA itself the point is it was discovered. Because of it’s discovery interesting predictions of the future can be made.

Kids born in the near future will have the ability to clock couple of hundred years.

Man is to error

am hoping they’ll be few in number to maintain balance. (life and death)

it will be unsustainable to have humans live for hundreds of years at the current rate we are misusing Nature

You guys haven’t noticed a new lexicon:

That will be the privilege of the top one % of the world.

maybe. (but won’t they get to a point and be bored?

am also of the reasoning that we crafted our lives around our average death age. (time in school, time working, …)
so by 20-23 one is finished with school, by 25-30 one is married and working, by 50-65 you’ve finished paying fees for your children and getting tired so about to retire, 65-70 enjoying your retirement and about to die or dead.

so if one increases their/the life expectancy, we must change our way of life to suit the death age. (increased time in schools, maybe 30 years, the 60 years working and the rest to enjoy retirement and prepare for death)

These cycles aren’t for the top % of the population, that Rockefeller guy died while undergoing his 4th heart transplant, almost heading 100yrs old. If that was successful, we don’t know at what point he would have called it quits.
What if, at 100yrs old, one is able to do and enjoy things that are done by 40yr olds, comfortably and without complications of old age ?

These are the questions and scenarios that i think must be sorted out before we succeed in making ourselves immortal or live for longer years.
but i agree, now and in the near future, only the 1% will be able to live longer

Shida si population. Shida ni consumption, both the preference in consumption, and the amount of consumption.

If individuals in Kenya can own sijui 30,000 acres of land, I think there is enough space for everyone.

Add that to ktalk lexicon wakwitu

space is enough, but resources are few, jobs are dwindling and being replaced with AI and Robots.
so we might have all the space in the world, but we won’t be able to sustain ourselves. unless we rethink how we live.
stop monetization of life maybe

Great article, I conclude the lexical twist in its title is purely for clarification purposes, not genocidal intent:D I wonder if @Motokubwa has received the good news?

It’s like a Brave New World all over again.

If we discover an animal that does not age, then we can apply that mechanism it uses to humans. But first we need to organise ourselves, otherwise we would start killing each other for limited resources within the very first 70yrs. Nations would fight other nations to steal from them to cater for their ever increasing popn. Unless we control our reproduction, which we can’t! wacha tu ikae.

Jellyfish can reverse aging and become young again.

I know there are scienticist out there busy finding out why it does not age. Then they find the dna sequence and inject to humans like covid vaccine. But still a long way to go but we will eventually get there, or the creator will say time is up before we get there.