Just Wanted to Share a Virtual Glass of Whiskey with y’all.
God Bless , Stay Safe, Share and be Nice to Everyone that comes your way…


“Here’s to the whiskey we love to drink, and the food we like to eat.
Here’s to our wives and sweethearts, let’s pray they never meet.
Here’s Whiskey for our real friends, And real pain for our sham friends.
And when this life is over, may all of us find peace.”

I thot u only post shit…my bad! Or has someone stolen your password?

Whiskey gani na Keg Ndizo zako?

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Some of us cant handle whisky…:confused::confused:


This is actually a good post from you today

Not a Problem…Take what u can handle…water can do as well…So Enjoy…

Jibu yako nko nayo but in weekends spirit wacha tu niseme haya machache…Thanks for reminding me brother…Enjoy what you take but whats important ni the second part.
“God Bless , Stay Safe, Share and be Nice to Everyone that comes your way…”

Still got my password…As much as we insult, talk trash to each other…I believe in Love…brotherhood…Most of us got plans for the weekend that probably will involve travelling and such but my prayer may the Almighty God keep everyone safe…Plus shetani hujitoklezesha poa maweekends…sijui ni kwa nini…

Thanks…So, enjoy and stay safe…God’s Speed

hope huyu @DI TICHA sio mtu wa kunuka mdomo

Aiyayayayaya… @dranya , Mbona hii swali naskia ikiniwasha washa hivyo nisipo ipa appropriate answer…??? But haizuru…stasema ndio ama hapana kwa sasa…but how bout you enjoy ur weekend and stay safe…hhhmmm…!!!

I’m sorry and thanks

@dranya Good boy…Ile siku zitashuka ntakujibu kila swali utakuwa nayo…

Finaly the head is out of the ass

makojoo ya mlevi



Hapa kuna watu nafaa kusaidia kimawazo @bushido2 , @uwesmake , @highschooler …but kwanza furaieni wikendi…tutapatana tu…corner mbaya…