Yaani mtu akupige then umlipe?

There’s no doubt that the US Establishment often act in an extremely selfish manner. For example, the US dropped a quarter million bombs in Cambodia, killed off half a million people, and now are demanding that the Cambodian government pay back the loan the US made to Cambodia after it sent the Cambodia people into famine because of the bombing, and the Agent Orange sprays. Fury in Cambodia as US asks to be paid back hundreds of millions in war debts And the country has a GDP per capita of ~ $3 per day.
Vietnam also had to pay the US for the bullets it used to kill off 2 million Vietnamese. Vietnam to Repay U.S. for Loans to SouthAnd the Iraqi people owe the US military contractors $57 billion, with interest, for invading their country and killing off 1 million people. To this end, the US government reached a settlement with the Iraqi government to set aside 30% of Iraq’s oil revenue for debt payment. This - when we know that Iraq was invaded under false pretense. Q&A: Iraqs Debt Basically, the US can behave like an asshole because it doesn’t need to look good to attract allies anymore. I mean, even if you are pissed, what can you do about it?

Since WW2 the US has not faced a major power, even during the height of the cold war…
Why? Because they may lose. Then you take a look at where big wars were fought - There was a peak during the Korean War in 1950, and a peak for the Vietnam War starting in 1965. Both places where the US was confident of victory. The US has fought wars where it’s expected to win, basically.

Next on the list Iran. Wapigwe na walipe[ATTACH=full]243729[/ATTACH]

The usa is the True evil in the world. Killing millions of people and asking to be compensated for costs of doing it. It doesn’t get more evil than that. Even hitler didn’t do this.

USA is the World’s biggest Terrorist. I don’t mince my words

Iran should play this game smart, USA wants to destroy Iran… and it may happen, and people will get angry and USA will move to the next war… the fact is that they(Iran) have to sell their souls to someone - Russia or USA, the leaders of Iran should engage Russia and have some deal…
Russia is the only nation on earth that can stand up to US antics , not because they can defeat US, but because they have nuclear weapons and can deliver them to the US, if Russia moves some air defense systems to Iran, and some nuclear subs to the Arabian and Persian Gulf, and dare the US, the US will retract, war with Russia would be too costly…

This is the catch, i don’t think Russia also wants a nuclear armed Iran, so it goes back to square one.