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Larry and Harry, two homeless men were given a chance to travel to a third world country on an all-expenses paid trip. They were told to carry nothing and return with nothing…

They were to make sure they spend all that was given to them. Provision had been made for their expenses and welfare which they would get upon arrival at their destination.
The only caveat was that neither of them knew when they would be asked to return home.

As they arrived, they were both given a huge sum of money and a credit card with no limits, but reminded to spend it all before returning to their home country. At this, they became instantly wealthy by local standards.

Harry thought to himself “Wow!
This is my opportunity to live like a king for I don’t know how long this would last”. So he went and rented a Ferrari and rented the best room in the best hotel in town.

He went to the best stylist, shaved and transformed his looks. He had parties everyday. Everyone in the city thought the cars and the wealth were his and they loved and respected him for it.


At the back of his mind, Harry knew he would go back home someday and leave all of it behind but he didn’t want to think about it.

Right now he was living in the moment and enjoying himself to the fullest…

Larry, on the other hand rented a small Honda to get him around town and stayed in a modest inn. He thought to himself “This money will not last and I don’t know when I am going back so I have to do something tangible with it.” He decided to use it to change some people’s lives while there was still time.

So he got busy, went out on the streets and started making a difference. He didn’t just give away money, rather he tried to help
people be self-sufficient. He paid off all the school fees of some promising young ones to enable them get an education and take
care of themselves and their families.

He found some responsible adults and funded them in a business that guaranteed they would be able to take care of their family and create employment. He devised a means of helping some of the homeless people get off the street and getting them into a trade for he thought “I wish someone would do this for me when I get back”. In short, while Larry was there, he was busy changing lives…
Then after just two months they were suddenly notified that it was time to go back.
They hadn’t even finished spending all the money but still had to leave it all.
They both said their goodbyes and headed for the airport. At the airport they were given their original clothes to put back on before boarding the plane back to their country…

Harry reminisced on the good times he had but wasn’t too happy that he was going back to his old life. How would he readjust to being homeless?

Larry on the other hand felt good. He came with nothing and is leaving with nothing, but he at least helped others with a chance at life and that alone meant the world to him.
Readjusting to being a homeless person wouldn’t be a problem because he never lived like the wealth was his anyway and always had it at the back of his mind that he would leave it all someday.

Little did they know that each moment they spent on vacation was being secretly recorded and they would be rewarded accordingly.


Our vacation on earth is but a short time while eternity is forever. How we spend this vacation determines how we get to spend eternity.



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Miserable tells of the poor. Can’t relate.

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Harry= @uwesmake
Larry= @gashwin.

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Uwes and Gashwin are homeless?

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Ktalkers are hard to be please lol

Ktalkers are hard to be please lol

nice write up. I am inspired.

Lol effing twatts, that was a good story with a valid moral lesson.

Very nice read.

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