WHen kenny was on twitter propping this nigga
[ATTACH=full]125632[/ATTACH] …
it felt like a sell out or some kind shot at drake

But after the vid am getting and passing out to this Lp

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No thanks man. Sounds like a wack Jaden Smith.

Don even wanna talk about that kid lol rem seeing a batman vid he did that almost killed me but this kid has a raw edge to him.REAL SHIT just read about his domestic abuse case and no lie this kid is fucked up
[I]“The first incident of domestic violence occurred about two weeks later. He slapped her and broke her iPhone 6S, because she had complimented a male friend on his new jewelry. (XXXTentacion later repaired the phone.) Later that day, XXXTentacion left the room and returned with two grilling implements—a “barbecue pitchfork” and a “barbecue cleaner,” she said—and told her to pick between them, because he was going to put one of them in her vagina. She chose the fork. He told her to undress. He was lightly dragging the tool against her inner thigh when she passed out. He did not penetrate her with it.”

"Then she hummed along with a verse from a featured artist on the track. After that, XXXTentacion fell silent and left her in the car outside the venue. Inside, they got into a fight. When they arrived home after the show, he took her into the bathroom. “And he was asking me why I was singing his friend’s part of the song, if I like him, why do I like him, like do I ever look at his Twitter,” she said.

Then, XXXTentacion head-butted her, punched her, stomped on her, and put her in the bathtub, where he continued hitting and kicking her. "

“When XXXTentacion got out of jail, they moved back in together in North Miami. (On September 16, 2016, court records show, XXXTentacion agreed to house arrest, and was released.) He told her he knew she had cheated on him. He put a knife to her neck, strangled her “a little bit,” and called her a “ho,” she said. That night, he woke her up and told her to go outside, where he picked up an empty glass beer bottle and demanded that she tell him the truth or, “I’m going to fu*k you up.” She replied that she already was telling him the truth, that she had cheated and was sorry. He dropped the bottle, slapped her, and let her go back to bed.”[/I]
And the kid is 17 and we have niggas over 25+ dressing like girls and singing like meth bitches-The kid need serious counseling though a lot of anger issues going on there

Screwplus, you’ve fallen for the hype machine. This is controversy meant to push sales of mediocre music.

It’s (I’m not gonna type out his bullshit spelt name) a weak alternative to this

The kids are trash but at least they feel the need to do right than some grown ass man talking about the drug fiend life…The both drug fiend artist but this kid is making sense to me than this bullshit artist who are older than him still tryna still act hard…

Wasn’t expect that from him and this below the cieths am talking about



Guy, whether it’s a grown man or Lil Pimp, they’re all products of the marketing machine. Including what you believe are their motivations. Kendrick is no exception. He’s chosen because he appeals to something in you. I know it sounds jaded but it’s just how it works. On the plus side, being aware of this then allows you to better listen to music. Avoid the videos, appreciate the music better.

I get that but don’t put Kendrick like that…followed that nigga since his mixtape days bruh! That guy is making his shit his way every album makes a connection cause we can see the skip into the next world he is in…This X nigga is the other type of shit but not a plant act…Industry plants are easy to see e.g Chance the rapper …Iggy…Miley…X is no plant nigga is fucked up plus i still rem him bieng knocked out on stage…So Plant acts i get em but K. ain one…he knows too well the importance of his legacy now…PLus there is the marketing and what is called the music industry plants two different and the same thing…One just fucks with hot shit the other exploits hot shit

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Cool. Trust that this is something coming from someone in the industry. If you hear of an artist, they have been pushed and there’s strategy and agenda behind the artist. Even the mixtape days are part of the strategy.

But don’t let me kill your vybe.

Kenny would have blue balled him like the other big acts this nigga case if you looked in to it and saw the pics of the prego girlfriend and what he did…this was cold hearted nigga needs counseling but he is more woke than his elders at the moment sadly. 21 savage taking a groupie bitch lil yatchy being a faggot Uzi another faggot …like this guy was seen as noise(IMO) but after the video .Kid is some lost deranged tupac

Okay. Kendrick, Xxxtentacion and whatever other artists that get you into their stories are characters written out for you to invest in. Whatever story you hear is exaggerated at the very least. And most likely planted including police records.

Again, it’s all fake. Or exploited for publicity. There exist guys whose job descriptions are creating stories like this.

Damn fabricate all this …boy snap back to reality… Am.not saying they ain got schemes but no one wants a kid beating a pregnant girlfriend as a star …same shit hit tupac in his young days weather youblike it or not these kids are messed up …Hollywood tries and makes them look as misguided but x ain misguided he is fucked up in the head …bad for kids IMO but I ain vouching his talent but his approach is way grown than weezy who is still singing about skateboards and drugs

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