Xtigi, Isurf and other brands, do they make good tablets?

My Samsung tablet died and I’m in the process of getting a new one. Due to financial constraints I am considering buying a lesser-known brand until my finances improve. For now I m willing to spend kitu 15k and with that price I’m getting good choices of Xtigi and Isurf, check them out hapo Jumia. Who knows how these devices perform? Mainly for soccer apps like Sofascore

Chukua xtigi kwa wasomali luthuli.

Imeharibika wapi?

Cheki ebay kuna NEW Samsung Tab E lite Wifi going for $80 uki tumia Savo store ongezea $30 (on the higher side).

It hang then died. Samsung customer centre walisema I need to replace motherboard and charge port and they were charging 67,000. So I am bila tablet for now

Ni Samsung gani?

visit swappa.com and you will get a tab that will be better spec then have it shipped to @Kentex Cargo who will inturn ship it to Kenya .Thank me this afternoon.

Yep try this, don’t buy those brands from jumia unless you want to have fun with problems later.

Samsung Galaxy 10.1 2014 edition


[SIZE=7]Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 (2014 Edition)[/SIZE]

[li] [/li]

[li] [/li]



[li]Released 2013, October[/li] 540g (WIFI)/ 535g (3G)/ 547g (LTE), 7.9mm thickness
Android 4.3, up to 5.1.1
16/32/64GB storage, microSD card slot
[li] 0.9% 4,174,443 hits[/li][li] [B]388[/B] Become a fan [/li][li] 10.1"[/li]2560x1600 pixels
[li] 8MP [/li]1080p
[li] 3GB RAM [/li]Snapdragon 800
[li] 8220mAh[/li][/ul]

Wee, hi kijiji ni resourceful jo thanks bro. i have a cousin coming soon from US so means of tansport is sorted.