Xiaomi redmi note 10 launched in kenya

Boyshaod from today henceforth stop buying tecno and infichieth


wanasema iko na screen issues, ni gani ikona amoled?

Ajez sasa na preorders zinaanza kesho?


Our Indian brothers washatutolea uhondo


Reviews ziko live tayari

Oooh nilifikiria inside the box.

link to articles?

Leta link

Iko na kilo ngapi? Just asking…

Ama sio hii?





Ni gani iko na 5G?


Kama wewe ni mtu wa wakuhanya na hutaki kubibi anjue, then this the phone to use

The pro version

Xiaomi wanakuanga na quality control issues avoid their phones in the first few months of launch and make sure you do enough research


Its not advisable to buy a new model of a phone at launch. But it after some time when all the issues have been solved.

Kuficha vitu ni rahisi zaidi