Xiaomi Qin F21 Pro

Is anyone familiar with this phone …??

I would like to purchase one but would appreciate a review from anyone who has actually tested it …

Much appreciated… :blush:

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Katululu ya 24 k

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Feature phone ya 24k? Boss kua serious. Go buy Nokia or whatever for 1-2k. It’s important to have a mulika

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Umeona wapi ni xiaomi

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With respect and very seriously …

Good touch phones are delicate , fragile , expensive , bulky and offer too many distractions …
But this phone has really serious mad specs …!!
That’s why I want to upgrade …

I currently own a very small , discreet , twin SIM X-Tigi 3307 Mobile with Bluetooth and a 16GB card full of Jazz and Amapiano that I stream to a Sound Bar hidden among books and journals behind my desk…
( … it safely stores my “Wake Za Watu” contacts from prying eyes …!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:).

It also serves as a reliable Electronic Wallet with it 2 MPESA accounts with a potential of 500K each …!!

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:joy::joy: ukora accessory

It is always on "Vibrate " mode
It lives in a small driver’s seat pocket in my car …

Hard to find unless you are actually looking for it .

Even if you were able to open it

  • no What’s App messages
  • no photos
  • harmless looking SMS messages about “clinic appointments” and which “pharmacies” ( coded ) to go for “medicines”.

Even MOSSAD cannot crack my “code”:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


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Smart chap …
You catch things very fast …!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

This phone is much lived by those who work in northern frontier and somalia, can hold charge for almost 2 weeks. Naitambua

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Mine once went 16 days without a charge while on Standby Mode …
Kali sana …:blush:

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Another nice one … :grinning:

The Dilray Mini Phone:


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I hate that shit

A real Godsend …
No more time wasted glued to a screen …
Just a Bluetooth Headset streaming Calls and 16GB of Amapiano and Jazz MP3 music …


I have had my eye on this for a while.
On Alibaba this exact spec would cost around 15-16k.
Processor ni mediatek same one on Tecno pop7 or Nokia 2.2
Honestly you can get the newer version qin F22pro which is faster, better specs but slightly bigger.
Reason I wanted it was a milika mwizi type phone for kuenda out nayo which can also have some smart features. Having android is good coz you can have a few essential apps with you kama Uber/bolt, WhatsApp na pia akina tagged and tinder and keep that shit away from your main phone. And it has type C so do all my other devices so no additional cable to carry

I just can’t justify that price tag. For that price I can get an old small smartphone kama Samsung s10e which will have way better specs.

An alternative is get a Kaios phone. Although it seems like the OS is largely abandoned since hata Telkom are not selling their kaduda. But it’s a version of Android so Gmail, YouTube, Google maps work. Plus many other third party apps.

If you decide to get one there is a cheaper 3gb 32gb ROM version. Insist on global unlocked version if you buy from Alibaba. Then tumia akina salihiya wakuletee. It will be cheaper than jumia. Plus I’m sure jumia pia wanaimport so it will take them like a month. Salihiya will take max 2 weeks na itakuwa cheaper

Since the F22 is already out …
So, this one could now end up cheaper during JUMIA Black Friday

I dont mind getting the higher spec 4GB / 64GB F21 for around 12K:blush:

Anything with label “shipped from abroad” just avoid it, probably even the vendor has never come across such a thing

You are delusional.
This is a niche product. No discount will come.
Buy overseas and ship through shipping agents on your own