Elders leteni reviews za hizi phone is it value for money



Naona yako iko 3G na iko karibu kuisha moto, najua unaimagine vile hio “6000mAh 4G smartphone” itaakuinua:D

Back with reviews, by skimming pale xda naona iko na active members which is a plus if you like modding pia specs zake sio mbaya nikiziangalia but comments pale gsmarena sio msuuri vile but its normal that price

Is it better to purchase a Xiaomi phone from their shop or from other vendors like Jumia? Any difference in credibility issues?

@Soprano @Nyamgondho this is your turf!

Jumia kuna official shop

Tall meffi vipi?

Iko na different versions. Pick the one with nyapdragon. Usichukue mediachieth.

Chinese phones kwangu ni big no. There’s a time nikiwa peasant kama @Jeremy kibet I bought an Xtigi 6000mAh phone.
The first week it would stay for 2 days on a single charge, but from the second week onwards haikuwa inatoka kwa charge

Xiaomi is a legit brand.

There’s a talker here who had the same battery drain issues with xiaomi. I now fear hi simu.

Huyo ni @Ass Clown

You cannot compare Naomi with Xtigi. Any brand being reviewed by big tech guys is a legit brand

This was my phone.
[COLOR=rgb(209, 72, 65)]X-Tigi S22

10,000mAh batt, big LED torch with hardware switch, also a powerbank, comes with a 5W USB LED bulb…It was the ideal kamatumbo phone.
The phone right now is on life support. Inazima ikitolewa kwa charger (-_-).

How long did it serve?

Imagine a person who went to try a soda for the first time and they bought themselves Club Soda instead of, say, Fanta. What would be their perception of soda? You bought yourself a club soda.

I still have my Xiaomi note 5 pro. Battery bado iko Sawa screen ndio ilivunjika. Still running and kicking. Currently am using redmi 9s.

I got a Redmi 9A after my S8+ died and am no longer sure I need to upgrade.

Nimenunua na iko sawa kabsa. Battery life ni sawa sana, processing average ,bloatware ndio shida na ads lakini nimeupdate juzi na ina features nzuri za kuzima ads.
Nunua kwa dealer genuine wa xiaomi upate warranty na bands za network hazitakusumbua.