Xiaomi Mi 9 Repair

Wakubwa my Mi 9 decided to take a dive in the pool nikiwa coast. Anyone who knows a good fundi to help to restore the phone? Sande sana

Water damage?. If you have time nunua tools, ingia YouTube for tutorials ujitengenezee mwenyewe. The feeling of accomplishment if your DIY venture succeeds will be like no other!

Had to buy that set,i know the feeling. Sijajua kabisa kutumia voltmeter but nailewa kiasi,saa hii niko kwa kuchomelea:D:D

Hawa mafundi wa simu wote, wooote, ni bonoko! Replacing batteries, display screens, charging ports, replacing almost everything on a gadget ya siku hizi, including TVs na sound bars ni kazi mtu anaweza kujifanyia. The real start ni kujua diagnosis. Kisha kujihami na the right tools. Then believe in your abilities, don’t be like Trump, accept defeat ikiwa umeshindwa.

The real fundi ni wale hucheza michezo ya software na systems. People who operate with vocabularies like custom tools, custom roms, etc, etc. People who can revive a hopelessly bricked phone, people who can safely root your phone and make it behave like a completely different handset. Those are the true techs.

but then wanadepend on other user friendly softwares,custom rom ziko available,hakuna coding wanafanya,ni ku click ma button

My phone developed a funny problem after a fundi interfered with the screen. When I switched on it showed the inadvertent mode message. I couldn’t do anything with it. Not even to read an sms. Obviously, I had to take it back to him. He asked for a day. I waited. He requested that I extend. 2 days. Nothing. Shorten the story, over a week and I don’t how many fundis later, no help. We at last went to a shop to search for a replacement screen, having been told to do so by several of the fundis. The shop owner said there was no need to buy a new screen. He just lightly tapped the off button twice and the inadvertent mode was off, just like that!!!

Hata hii unajifanyia. My htc m7 bricked due to a software update. Nilipelekea fundi mwingine aka hard reset but problem persisted.
Niliingia mtandao learnt how to root the device, twrp and the other one nimesahau jina, got different custom roms and installed.
Only CyanogenMod, now LineageOs, was stable na simu inakuwa fiti. Simu ikikufa Mimi huifanya project ya DIY as I buy a new one. Very satisfying