Xiaomi Mi 11: Top-notch Flagship Specs at $600

RIP to Apple & Samsung’s senseless 2021 pricing! Flagship pricing about be disrupted!


Totally obliterated Note 20 Ultra on the Geek Bench score!


Spec sheet: https://www.gsmarena.com/xiaomi_mi_11-10656.php

PRO TIP: Find a way of bringing in the Global Version from China, to lock in that $600 costing. Buying locally is likely to be 80K+

Can’t wait for installable custom roms

Xiaomi is a great phone. I’ve had one going 2 years now

Ngoja ule kijana wa xiaomis are heavy akuje na siasa zake.

I checked the specs of this phone and besides the processor it doesn’t stand out from SD 865 phones. It will be dwarfed by other phones with SD 888 in the next few months. Some of them will even be Xiaomi. Word in the street is if you want a 2021 Xiaomi flagship wait for the Mi 11 pro.

Also the price is the same for all Xiaomi flagships around $600 at launch.

Pro tip… When checking asian phones look for asian reviewers like FrankieTech and also BensGadgets. They get more access to a wide variety of phones. I am not saying you don’t watch akina linus ama unbox therapy. Just a more balanced review. FrankieTech for example gave a verdict that the Mi 10T pro is a better deal as at now.

This is the vanilla version of the phone and it will be looking to unseat the iphone 13 and galaxy s21. Those two devices will weigh no more than 170g. This is close to 200g without even a telephoto. The facts speak for themselves.

And the competition from BBK group of companies will be immense of course. OPPO find X3 will be like a volcanic eruption it will shake the smartphone market with innovations. Of course with a hefty price. This is no more than a plain jane.

If this is the basis for determining if a phone is great basi hata watu wa techno, infinix na itel wenye wamekuwa na simu zao for 2 years bila shida have the best phones in the world.

Kuna watu huamini Infinix are the best phones in the world. Their basis of their argument is similar to yours.

It’s not that easy.

If you have the money would you buy the Chinese phone or the real deal???

Would you buy the Landwind or the real range rover evoque???

Would you buy the nio or the tesla???

Would you buy the macbook or lenovo/haier?

Would you buy the Isuzu or Actros vs the FAW truck?

[SIZE=5]Even the rich Chinese don’t buy Chinese products. [/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]Ren Zhengfei the founder of Huawei is chauffered around in a BMW and not a Chinese car.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]Worse still the guy uses an Iphone! CC @Sambamba [/SIZE]

[SIZE=7]Huawei’s CEO says he admires Apple and buys his family iPhones when they are not in China[/SIZE]

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In an interview with Chinese state TV this week, Huawei CEO and founder Ren Zhengfei admitted to buying Apple iPhones.
Ren Zhengfei, Huawei CEO.
AP Images
[li]Ren was addressing calls for an Apple boycott in China after Huawei was blacklisted by the US, according to The South China Morning Post.[/li][li]Huawei CFO Meng Wanzhou, who was arrested in December, was carrying a stash of Apple products at the time she was detained.[/li][li]Visit Business Insider’s homepage for more stories.[/li][/ul]
As America wages war on his company, Huawei CEO Ren Zhengfei has made an unlikely intervention in support of one of his biggest rivals. In an interview with Chinese state TV on Tuesday, Ren confirmed he is a fan of Apple.

Xiaomi have good phones…i checked out the Mi 11 when it was announced it is a great phone but if u want a flagship then wait for the Mi 11 pro…that will be a beast


I doubt the global version will be released at the same $600, it will probably start at a much higher price. But for 600 i think the phone is fantastic. I would avoid listening to linus(and other western tech reviewers for that matter) reviewing chinese phones

But in all honesty flagships just give one benefit of longevity with stellar performance esp with extra tech za camera or stylus support etc. You are assured excellent performance hata five years.
But ikifika day to day use, a good midranger is still amazing.
Lakini hata Mimi nategea flagships za hii mwaka tuone Kama tutaupgrade
Samsung release exynos 2100 wacha tuone performance vs snapdragon 888.

Sio kwa ubaya but what is the issue with the weight. Is it that unaona hakuna additional tech compared to competitors, ama Kuna spytech inside.
Sasa 30gm si ni kusplit hairs. Personally, armored cases are a must for any phone I will use as daily driver. They tend to add some weight anyway so big deal iko wapi

Hii thinking yako pia ni a bit flawed esp with smartphones. Most of these companies buy parts from other renowned companies eg TCL and Samsung provide most of screens, qualcomm, mediately samsung provide processor na sony, leica camera and lenses. Companies mainly ni UI plus their proprietary tech na design plus assembly I guess. To some extent quality is there.
Plus compare what akina infinix were producing five years vs now. Significant improvement by their own right.
But unajua lazima kuwe na product for every price range or customer. Some want flagship performance at a budget. Oneplus did that very well without compromising quality

Just like clockwork ungetokea tu na propaganda

Kwa quality sijui but behind those Chinese smartphone technologies is a patent held by who?

Point is if you reverse further back who do you find? Who holds the patents on the chips ? Who does their research for them?

do you know mwenye hii thread Ni your fellow filthy faggot? Thought you should know mbwa shoga takataka