Xenophobia will soon happen in kenya

Of late im seeing a spike in hate of foreigners in kenya…ama ni mimi ??? Kwanza hawa raia wa west africa it looks like the hate is getting bigger and bigger and im worried that one small thing might spike a full blown xenophobic attack in kenya…In my hood im now being hated by my neighbours because im always seen with one west African pal of mine…Yaaani they are not even hiding the hate…

Hamia west africa ndugu.

It’s never easy… but tutavumilia tu

I experience racism here every single day

Kenyans hate each other, not foreigners

West African=drug dealer/scammer, bila debate. Hata huyo “friend” wako kuna kitu anakupangia utakuja tuelezea hapa ukilia.

Ni ushoga hawapendi sio huyo mgeni

:D:D:D:D:D:D this is true…but boss it looks like we will take a break from that and now focus on the west…

:D:D:D:D:D hao wenyewe washoga…:D:D:D:D

But why? It’s not like they’re stealing jobs from kenyans coz even Kenyans don’t have jobs.

Nigger, stop whining

Peasant in Chief

I feel you abdillahi akidiva,we south Sudanese tumeonewa mbaya .

i really dont know…its scary…actually imefika point where the hate is being expressed live live…by 2022…im sure there will be a full blown xenophobia…That i can bet…and it will be worse than 2007.

You most likely live a poor area of Nairobi. Poor people always scapegoat others for their situation.
I have West African neighbours and no one gives a hoot about them.
Even in crazy SA you won’t find xenophobic attacks in Sandton.

:D:D:D:D:D:D:D it dosent matter where i live…but actually while you are at it…do you think violence is startedin the affluent areas??It begins in the poor neighbourhoods…and if you think imara daima is a poor neighbourhood…then you must be damn rich.

Lakini mnapenda fujo sana, mkianza vita inakuanga Noma sana

Ni area gani hio? Hata foreign hawkers wamejaa but sioni shida mtu akijitafutia. Anyway, GOK should restrict immigrants from Somalia, South Asia and Middle East.

Pole. On a serious note, pole. I believe you. This is true. Mimi ni nywele ngumu kamili but was mistaken for a Somali that period the cops were combing for foreigners after westgate. Nilishikwa. Town centre. Mchana. Niliokolewa kupiga simu kazini, hata ID card haikunisaidia. Walikataa. Ni ujinga sana tunakuwanga nayo.

Immigrants from Somalia???

Somalia should restrict immigrants from Kenya i.e Soldiers

We don’t discriminate Somalis.

Ain’t gonna happen…foolish Kenyans are limited to, and comfortable with the okuyu/ jaruo hate bandwagon.