Xenophobia against Tanzanians: Reaction from Dar


We all know how wabongo feel about Kenya and Kenyans in their country.

Truth is, they hate Kenyans than Chinese, Indians, Arabs and Wazungu (CACS), the latter are now labelled as mabeberu in the wake of Magufuli crusade against colonizers/imperialists (BrettonWoods Institutions, Western linked NGO’s and of course MNC’s)

Yesterday, Tz national parliament debated Jaguar comments and by the look of what’s being said on social media, local media etc its just a matter of time before something happens to Kenyans.

I would urge Kenyans to be vigilant while in TZ and avoid “sensitive topics” public places in addition to keeping a low profile.

So one guy, Jaguar, shares his backwards sentiments trying to get some media attention and the tanzanians take it to mean every Kenyan shares the same sentiments??? Clearly they are using this as an excuse to air out views they have held for a long time… i.e their hate for Kenyans. Tanzanians have always being envious and hostile against Kenyans and they should exercise this without looking for excuses here and there… it’s their right

Kenya plays Tanzania kesho

Last game TZ lost to Senegal


Stupid Njagua has given Magufool perfect grounds to intensify the anti-Kenya policies.

By having an open door policy in Gonna is any other business area, Kenya was demonstrating her commitment to the EAC’s aspirations.

It is a sign of great weakness when we have to physically and artificially ‘protect’ entrepreneurs the way Magufool does when he burns day-old chicks.


The center couldn’t hold

Nada to add.

These people are v jealous of Kenyans. Tembea the world you feel how they hold us in high esteem and low esteem. They apply it appropriately. I kind of feel Jagua was right, he just did not express himself well. Hakufanya homework.

Walalos hold us in high esteem and calls us brother/sista and they will always help you in trouble even if [SIZE=1]one alinikula pesa mingi sana kwa forex bureau akiniita sista today. Nitampata another day.[/SIZE]

The muhfuckers burnt our chicks .

A Tanzanian is that person who in the outward sense is jealous of you but inwardly, they envy you. Truth be told,we are far much ahead of Tz in almost everything, economically, infrastructure, Foreign policies, Education etc…and they know it…Go there and they will tell you how developed Kenya is…But now with that jealousy, they make policies not to grow themselves an improve their economy but just to out-do Kenya…Actually if you listened to a clip by their speaker Job Ndugai regarding the cancellation of Bagamoyo port by Magufuli, he said he was disappointed by President Magufuli’s decision to cancel the construction of the port, because ‘‘that ‘neighbour’ there(he dint mention Kenya) has become too much, we would have silenced them with this project.’’…That he wanted the project to go on so that Kenya(of course he meant Kenya) would stop becoming the Economic giants in EA…And thats the mentality with most of them, Jealous outwardly but envious inwardly!

Jubilee idiot Njagua is behaving exactly how we would expect a Jubilee idiot to behave.

Yaani Mmeanzisha xenophobia halafu mnaanza kulialia wenyewe
Ni sawa na vile unajitekenya na kucheka mwenyewe, Ama unajitia kidole mcoonduni harafu unaruka mithili ya Morani wa Samburu.

Besides, I am very Disapointed hapa tayari ni half-time na DR Congo washatombwa na hawa Mafirauni.
Nyie tukutane kesho saa tano usiku.

stupid leaders and their equally stupid voters …senji taker taker , noogle nyinyi !

kikiumana hatuwezi kosa inchi yakwenda bana. inchi ni mob zakutukaribisha. hata tukikosa, mlango wa canan uko wazi.

Fighting ignorance with ignorance…hmm

If Tz was that swell, mnafanya nini hapa, sini kuumiza tu lami yetu?
Si hata nyinyi muende?:wink:

This shows how immature their leaders are.

Actually they belonged to a Tanzania businesswoman who had imported then from Kenya.

The chicks were owned by Arusha-based businesswomen Mary Matia who is still in police custody.
Tanzania banned poultry imports in 2007.

One of their mps said they are not afraid of Kenyans, he added that on a clear sky day they should go to the streets, beat a few Kenyans and teach them a lesson

Kenyans mko Emotional Sana,
I never knew even MP’s are this emotional,
Kwa Ignorance ya huyu Aden Duale I can understand why Garisa is that Poor. Those chicks were owned by Tanzanian Bussinesswoman from Arusha who illegally imported from Kenya.
Hata wale Ng’ombe walishikiliwa na Mamlaka siku tano wamiliki hawakujitokeza Kulipa fine,
It has been a practice hata Ng’ombe wa Watanzania huwa wanapigwa mnada endapo hutafika kwa wakati kulipia fine yako, This harpens when you graze in protected areas like your herdsmen did. Walivuka boda wakagraze kwenye protected Area,
Hata Hivyo, Ng’ombe wa Uganda na Rwanda waliopigwa mnada walikuwa ni Wengi kuliko wa Kenya, but that noise from Kenyans Mouths sucks for sure

Tukutane saa Tano usiku.

Why did they burn the chicks?

What is Tanzania? Hata mtuchape in today’s match msherehekee after that mjue tu mko down.