X6 Ya Uwesmake

I have always heard of the X6…

Is it this one or is there another one @uwesmake



@introvert makanika murefi,kuja hapa haraka…that spoiler?

Hii tuliona banaa.
Lakini huyo mtu ni mshamba saidi.

unafikiria spoiler huwa za nini?

I suggest you watch a few videos on YouTube and they will change your perception.

Ati makanika mrefi:D:D:D

really spoils

Uwes anataka more downforce

Cars like Benz’s and Beemers do not need any modification. Ona vile huyo anaharibu Beemer.

The furthest to a spoiler i’d go with those two would be a lip spoiler



Most shop-bought spoilers are merely decorative and have totally no effect on performance.

Why are you glorifying thw village Watchman seriously?

Huyu msee hajakwambia poa senior Mech.

You comb us.

Desecration of a good car


Makanika Mreffi.
Bado nacheka.

Haha ndo hio double cebin iko na spoiler…That guy really kills me.

Huyu anakaa ni fan wa need for speed videogames

We were getting tired of abstact references to WD40. Umechorwa perfectly.