Administrators of this site are really sleeping on their job. A simple task like creating an account has become a hard nut to crack. After wasting your precious time filling that lengthy form this is what you get;
[SIZE=6]Server Information[/SIZE]
[SIZE=5]System Access Challenge.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=4]The Link you are accessing is experiencing some Problem.Please keep trying by refreshing using F5 Key.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=3] We apologies for any inconveniences Caused.[/SIZE]

Sonko rescue team watasaidia


Pole @ombudsman. Whoever manages I.T resources for the gava should be found and locked up for life. You cannot access many gov’t sites around end month and around the time guys are doing their monthly tax returns. @Meria Mata shares my frustrations he was in a similar predicament recently. The trick is to access the sites at some odd hour on an odd day e.g 2a.m on a Saturday night. Hebu uliza HELB applicants yale masahibu huyapitia.

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Sure @Luther12 when it comes to I.T our gava has either never been serious on not adequately prepared.

gov websites ni umafi tupu…

Incompetent Employees…

shame on them!

They are under absolutely no pressure whatsoever to perform. Whether they do it or not, they still get paid monthly. And not forgetting most of the time they are engaged in corruption, office work comes second.