Ww3 simulation... we are surrounded by enemy forces

as nabii continues to clean biden’s butthole with his tongue and finger bang nato… our neighbors are behind putin and the east.
imagine being invaded by low IQ apes sent by Museveni… are we fwacked, coz America is already fighting with itself and nato is a paper tiger

only escape is Australia or congo, assuming panjeets do not mine the ocean route.
heneway. a storm is gathering

As you have said, Uganda would teach us a lesson quite early in the morning, but we would hold our ground despite heavy losses. Either way, that map is a far right wishful thinking ideology

I do not wish for war, but when it comes, a lot of the myths we hold here will be busted.


agreed but… all member states will need supplies and safe heavens… allegiances matter. a more realistic scenario ni they nuke Africa first to cut off labor, resources and human reserves

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The only credible threat to Kenya in East and Central Africa is Ethiopia. They have the numbers to tip the scale in their favor (almost double ours) and their GDP (not GDP per capita) is higher than ours. Even then, in a full scale war with Kenya, the casualties would be too heavy on their side to even consider it as an option. They would emerge from the war as a failed state and even then winning isn’t guaranteed.

The same way Kenya can’t invade Uganda or Tanzania because a win would not be worth the casualties.

I can confidently say that it would be a very bad idea for (Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Ethiopia) to invade each other because we are somewhat evenly matched. The invader would not be certain of winning and would be certain of heavy casualties. Countries such as South Sudan, Somalia, Eritrea, Djibouti, Rwanda, and Burundi are more exposed to invasion because the invader would be certain of winning and the number of casualties although high would be acceptable. Those are the countries that should worry about invasion in the near future.

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Have you done political science?

If Uganda is a formidable enemy that we can’t dare have a wet dream of ever having an invasion, why do you bring in a giant like Ethiopia? Juzi tu wamelimana civil war and they came out stronger, economy didn’t take that much of a beating, crude oil is also cheaper there, it’s like they’re not feeling the world economic shifts. Last week niliona walinunua ndege za kivita, we are still with the tigers, but really, we can’t fight a war with fast moving jets yet our munition is unguided, requires precision of the pilot. Anyway, if you’ve observed, some attack helicopters are flying the Kenyan flag but are not anywhere in the inventory, neither has the gok admitted to owning or operating them. We can only love aitiopian womans, Ethiopia Rock attack hit song gives me a boner anytime it’s played near me

British army were placed in Nanyuki purposely because of Ethiopia it’s a military base training is just a decoy

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Thanks to god’s , our homosexual friends have that base to protect the kings wild animals incase kiumane na Ethiopia.

What would less than 500 soldiers accomplish during an all out war??The britons first order would be to leave the country if they get wind of an impending attack