Naskianga tu tagged. Out of boredom and curiosity I signed up, created a profile, uploaded my pic and decided to go straight to the point nione hii online brothel how it works. Most women I’ve seen are old and don’t look good. Hivi ndivyo huwa mnasurvive…wuehhh. Mnauziwa pussy iko metered :D:D:D Naona hadi kuna unlimited subscription…:D:D

Haha…hii nikichukuz nachapa kichapp ikifika asubuhi,anashindwa kutembea.Hapo sasa itabidi alale tena.
A woman who prices her pussy on shots,that’s a big TURN OFF for me

It is an online brothel :smiley: What do you expect?


hii ni site gani chief?

Unataka auze na kilo kama hoho ?

With 2k I can get unlimited shots hapo tagged.Choose wisely.Unachapa coomah the whole night hadi unaboeka nayo.2k 2 shots is robbery with violence

Sex should last for 50 mins - 1hr max 20 mins za foreplay 30 to 40mins za actual sex.for the gf or wife.
For those who do pokos 15 mins is more than enough taking in mind no emotions involved

Ati unlimited shots sasa watu Si members wa Ktalk seven minimum shots Si wataenda loss

My well prepared night is usually sort of:

1 quickie 8:00 pm
2 missionary styles 9:45 pm
1 bend over 11:30 pm
1 her on top 00:15 pm
1 good night shot 00:50 pm

this is an online prostitutes’ ranch. i initially thought twas an actual dating site, mimi huyo with intelligent pickup lines and most responses were LOL, HAHA, thnks, ati?,…

:smiley: Annoying, ain’t it? That is why the best was to get quality is get into the field and do the heavy lifting. Online dating is a crutch.

:D:D:DHiyo haina difference na kuingia Sabina Joy uchukue kunguru uanze kutupa mistari ukiiambia unataka kuipeleka dinner

ile ilifanya niconfirm how low iq some of these beings are ni style ya response to greetings…unasema ‘hi’, unajibiwa ‘hi too’, so afadhali uanze tu kupiga bei na kabisa, no need for meaningless jibijabbering

@Jymo kuja ndo hii mali cheap…si ile yako ya 12k