Wtf? Zoomalians in key security dockets?

Exactly wtf is (not) going on inside the head of the chief rustler if there’s anything in there at all. You can’t hand over the police service and the defense ministry to zoomalians!
As it is, zoomalians themselves are the biggest security risk the country (and numerous others around the world) is facing!

Kikuyu community has been the biggest security threat (check prison records) to Kenyans since time immemorial I’ve never seen anyone up in arms protesting their appointments.

Growing up I used to know that ‘wakikuyu ni wezi’

Isn’t this malicious?

Chezeni tu an Al kebab[ATTACH=full]470505[/ATTACH]

kuna tofauti na mwizi na mwenye anakuonyeshe bendera usome ama akulipue kichwa

Kenya Kwisha has a huge task in convincing me at the end of their term.

Ni sawa, ni wezi wetu

There’s a reason why the from the onset the White paper, through policy marginalized the NEP, Kenyatta and moi administration intensified the same.

Ni Wakuria si Wakikuyu boss

Hamna shida, they are simply taking up their positions. Are you?

Venye unatumia hio akili yako no wonder ulienda Kamati kulala kwa simiti.

National police and DCI should be depoliticized. We can’t have every incoming administration appointing their own picks. This shows that the institutions are neither impartial nor independent

That would be best, otherwise they just represent narrow interests.

wtf?!!! Looks like they funded Ruto’s campaigns

You set a thief to catch a thief. Jokes aside. Walalo wanaingia kenya kila mahali. Mtatii

Pesa ya walalo ni sumu. As you take it in exchange for your property, you bind yourself and the generations coming after you. Na hawa watu, mmoja akipenya mahali wanaitana. Before you know it, they’re swarming all over the place. Unajipata ni wewe utajitoa. Spreading like weeds. Racist, ill-bred, ill-mannered, loud, ungovernable muthafckas. We need to wake up.

Something is happening. This is too much to be a coincidence. Some dirty deal must have been struck.
DPP, DCI, Police and Defense all zoomalians? Are we trying to become a failed state?

Looks like another talker, probably @Simiyu22 went to rant pale twitter


He has a point. Why are these zoomalians now infesting gava like vermin. As voters, we did not anticipate this. Hope kenyans will not tolerate it.

I have known Ruto as a fanatical evangelical christian and all that hustler nonsense but I didnt expect him to be soo blind in regards to his geopolitical strategy. The bible thumping hustler at statehouse has now given warya the defense cabinet secretary and now the head of DCI, who is also the head of antiterrorism police. These are two of the most important national security positions in the govt of Kenya. This is a huge blunder. Make no mistake about it, Kenya is screwed.