WTF....... Women Teachers force Std 8 kid to Masturbate

Manze these women wamezidi… I have just seen it on citizen Tv that 2 female teachers forced a class 8 student to kawasaki infront of them for having many boyfriends…

Walimu siku hizi wamekua na upuzi sana…na ndio wanataka waongezwe mshahara.

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Thats messing up the young boy or is it another @kush yule mnono in the making

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waA hao wanyolewe na tsc

If my teachers looked like @Purr_27 and @Female Perspective they wouldnt have to force me.
The full CFNM!

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How is this not sexual assault/harassment…

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Hii dunia ni ya wanawake. If it were me ningekuwa jela saa hii. Wanaume kazi yao ni kutafuta vitu ya wanawake kukula na kuwapigania sometimes losing their lives in the process.

The girl was locked up in a room and forced to do the dirty deed as those sick bitches watched. Those pedophiles’ cunts should be stapled and sealed with superglue as punishment.

was it a girl or a boy

I think its a girl now… hawa reporters have changed their script

It was a girl

Eti nini? :confused:

It was a girl and she was on her periods when she was forced to do the dirty act, that she left the scene with bloodied hands.

WTF. Someone blasted me for saying teachers sometimes behave as if they are overseeing robots. Ni nani hapa alisomea hii kenya hajaskia stori ha student kukufia kwa dorm??

Yeah. Those female teachers should have known better.

Those fucking pedophiles deserve serious jail time.

CFNM inamaanisha?

CFNM = Dancing bear

Maybe the teachers were vampires too

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