WTF is this Nigerian guy saying, he scared the panelists, pathetic English

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Hahaha… The look on this dudes face is classic…

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Haha ati crinkum crankum na higi haga? @karl marx hebu kuja translate hii rusungu.

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odoriferooo sagaaa :D:D:D:D:D:D:D

He was an MP

Hii ni Ujinga,

hehe hao ma hosts wanashindwa wafanye nini


Am a bit under the weather but this one made me laugh. Ati higi haga crankum :D:D

i wonder how they maintained those straight faces,mimi ningepasua mbaya

I thought jangos were bad !

Hehe think again


:D:D wacha ufala, pelekea @Wakanyama hio salamu zako

hehehehe…the looks on all the pple present is comic

Actually that clip has been distorted…the original link makes me think that this is the Nigerian PLO Lumumba
This looks like a learned man branded “mad” by people who don’t understand him, no wonder the panelists we so quiet coz they dint get sh*t

Translation iko hapo chini kwa hio link