They are the undisputed tribal kingpins of their respective blocks. UK though is losing his kingship as his term as prezzo draws ever closer to its end. He will obviously be replaced as kingpin by 2022 and whatever direction he’ll try to chat for the Mount Kenyans will not be adhered to or even taken seriously. Good thing he’ll be able to lay back and smoke his shash in peace as he sips a bottle of his favourite overtaxed liquor away from the public limelight.

RAO’s influence also seems to be on the wane if the Ugenya parliamentary by election and Sharon’s murderer’s open rebellion against him are anything to go by. At 123 years old the people who call themselves Luopeans would be stupid to follow his every word because the guy can only think short term now given the years he’s left behind vis~á~vis the time ahead of him - it’s not much.

WSR is a teetotaler, a shrewd strategist and energetic campaigner. He did know how to excite a crowd. Unfortunately that was way back in 2005, 2007 and maybe 2013 when he had new material. Having been on the campaign trail every 3 days since campaigning against the Constitution of Kenya 2010, the guy has naturally run out of content. For example, the following lines have been overused by him that instead of excitingtbey now irk: mtu ya kitendawaili, serikali imeweka mikakati, wakati ya siasa bado sasa ni wakati wa maendeleo, tumetengeneza barabara, tumekuja kuzindua miradi…

Then we have the usual suspects who are basically non entities for various reasons. SKM, MaDVD, that gold scam guy from Bukusuland and now, the drug lord called 001.

It’s very difficult to see Kenya being better after the 2022 elections given the choice of leaders that we seem to have restricted ourselves to. WSR is a thief. I did the math for you a while back and he is the obvious frontrunner. It pisses me off that despite the suffering that Kenyans have undergone under this JAP regime they’ll still vote for WSR and claim that they didn’t have a choice. We’ve had an ordinary Kenyan called Dida run twice, we had Ekuru Aukot (not the best but better than what we have presently).

Nyinyi pigieni WSR lakini sitaki muanze kuni-reverse call na kuniomba fare eti economy imewakalia. Ng’ombe nyinyi.

And now the image of Kenyans getting humped by the 3 stooges


With no regard for @Purple life at all.

nice article but can u prove Ruto is corrupt ?

And even if he is so what…so are all the rest. We will have some old thieves back and new fresh thieves. As bad as each other. Sisi ndio sufferers for life.

The problem with you King/queen of the village dimwits is that you have normalized corruption and are justifying your own poverty or ‘comfortable’ lifestyle. Just because almost every one of the politicians has stolen doesn’t mean that it’s right or that we should accept it. In any case, there are varying levels of theft and if the 10th floor is the worst level then WSR is seated pretty over there. Others are a few floors below. @Mrs Shosho I used to regard you as a smart fellow until you licked WSR’s arse that stinks of level 10 corruption

No time for villagers coz you are not…catch my drift???

It is a tragedy to put a corruption tag corruption on one person. If the person will not be put to jail, the tag will soon wear because people can see corruption written all over the faces of those shouting the loudest about corruption.

Uhuru squandered the chance to slay the corruption dragon in his first term. He has not lived up to the promises he made in the fight against corruption. To the contrary, he has benefited unjustly from conflict of interest (banking - CBA merger with NIC, real estate - Northlands project, sugar - his brother has been named as a beneficiary in irregular sugar imports, dairy - acquisition of significant market share in dairy industry, etc… etc.).

And I believe that as a village elder on social media you happen to have the best brains, right? [ATTACH=full]243552[/ATTACH]

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