WSR Kweli Ni Antidote Ya JaKuon

Mr Odinga’s team had arrived at the IEBC Anniversary Towers offices at 11.15am and by 12.05pm when they addressed journalists, the Jubilee Party representatives had not showed up.

Mr Ruto arrived at 12.29pm, long after the Nasa team had left in protest after Jubilee leaders kept them waiting.

“This meeting was only confirmed last night after we had made plans for a Jubilee parliamentary group meeting, and as you know it has MPs from all over the country and it took longer than we expected,” said Mr Ruto.

He knows that NASA - broke, disorganized, disintegrating - is struggling to find purchase. They needed this meeting badly in order to appear to their Mpesa contributors to be doing something. WSR stood them up and casually walked into the IEBC after approving the agenda that the IEBC had distributed.

No wonder they went to Kibera to vent.:D:D:D


i loved their argument, ’ we have a government to run’,:smiley: unlike the unemployed idlers whose only other agenda was consoling themselves by visiting their kibera worshippers:D:D



Ever noted RAO never attacks WSR at all? Tackles na sweeps za hustler sio mchezo. Juzi he asked Rao to produce school certificates…comeback ilikua jana ati hata UK hajasoma.
Ile PHD yake alimaliza ama bado?


Petty mungiki idlers

they are all afraid of him. WSR is not a push over



he is not a wheelbarrow…majibu ako nazo ready


His tactics to divert from a national topics sio mchezo…He said Chebukati was meeting Nasa officials at night on Monday interview. Tuesday morning everyone had forgotten about Chiloba and were know defending Chebukati.

WSR future president in waiting



he is playing the same games Raila has been playing. Claiming some outrage stuff and sit back and see the defendants defending themselves vehemently.