WSR Ataweza Kweli?

The week’s past political events have clearly shown that the Kenyatta camp does not want WSR to succeed uhunye. This was a suspicion before but this past weeks events have clearly confirmed it. The handshake is real for all the doubting Thomases out there. To all the WSR supporters on ktalk: if you guys still believe, after this past week, that Uhunye will rudisha mkono, you are living in a fantasy world and you should all be committed to a lunatic asylum.

Lets look at the facts:
Fact 1:
Uhunye is on his last term and he runs a very big risk of being lame duck president as people shift their allegiance to WSR as they position themselves for a new political dispensation post 2022. Raila coming on board basically means he has opened up a second front against Ruto, essentially diluting Rutos ability to turn him into a lame duck president.

Fact 2:
He does a handshake with Raila, bringing him wholeheartedly in his inner circle. They are known to chat a couple of times a week and even Kenyatta allied CSes consult him from time to time. This consultation is very telling.

Fact 3:
Kenyatta, after the handshake, mentions the way his DP is “tanga tangaing” allover. This appears to be a derogatory remark. Shortly after, uhunye says this 2022 campaigns should cease.

Fact 4:
If Raila is being played, then why did Ruto and his allies start loudly complaining about the handshake with Ruto saying he wont be kicked out of jubilee.

Fact 5:
Raila supports Uhunye on everything, like a DP should. I havent heard WSR supporting uhunye as readily as Raila yet he is DP!

Fact 6:
Murathe is a diehard Uhunye ally and no fool. He simply cant take on a man as powerful as Ruto unless he has the backing of uhunye himself. If you think he can take on the VP without political backing then you need to have your head checked. And what he said was telling: “I am going to campaign to ensure that Ruto does not become President of Kenya”. And to the Kalenjin Nation he said: “Give us someone else, but not this one!”.

All in all, I would say, atleast for now, kenyatta is playing a beautiful political game. But Rutos game isnt bad either. But he is running out of options. Interesting times ahead…

whistling in the dark

Why do you waste time ranting about a guy who is finished politically as you allege… If Ruto is of consequence you should not be wasting time here every now and then ranting Ruto this Ruto that… It serves to only confirm that he is the man to beat

At this point in time, Uncle DP, William Ruto, need to bring in Isaack Rutto to his camp. Isaack is among the few R.V. politicians who can adequately compliment WSR political brian.
When waMuingai, was singing allover the country “…nitafanya yangu kuni, then Ruto afanye yake kumi…”
Isaack Ruto despite having his own party, was for the idea that, waMuingai tano, WSR tano, then back to Uhuru, alafu Ruto amalize.
Ruto, is in this predicament, for thinking that he is a political genius, and he isn’t. Isaack is.

Ruto has stolen too much. By the way what has he stolen?

Ni maoema sana kuanza hii story.

Am not ranting against him and I have said before that I consider him a brilliant politician. He is the politician to beat at this point in time but there is a serious political antiruto storm gathering. Will his brilliance, which took him from selling chickens on the eldoret-nakuru highway to Dp, be able to get him out of this political quagmire?

Interesting times ahead… kindly acknowledge the ktalk owner of that last phrase you used.

That brilliance was due to the courtesy of one Daniel Torotoich Arap Moi.

Bro, “interesting times ahead” is a phrase thats been used countless times. For a ktalk handle to patent it means he should also aknowledge that they got it elsewhere

Kwani wewe husoma ktalk pekee?

If that was the case, then he should have faded into oblivion once Toroitich left power. But he has gone from strength to strength mpaka he is DP now. The brilliance is his. He just managed to get into Mois circle through YK and he knew how to play the humble game under moi.

Your comment is the exact advice your co-tangawizis needed when few months ago you were insulting RAO saying he is a dead fish anyway

How times change!

Umia pekee yako

Those who think Ruto lacks mt Kenya support are dreaming. Mashinane are even more for Ruto than uhuru right now. Visit any shiny eye pg or even uhurus own Facebook pg if you doubt. Don’t assume when you see politicians on tv defending uhuru or attacking ruto they are representative. If those plotting against ruto want to succeed, they better come up with a clean new candidate like Kivutha. Any recycling of corrupt dynasty cartel member will be DOA

[ATTACH=full]219786[/ATTACH]not this shït again.

your analysis is true, things are getting thick for the son of sugoi, but time is on his side, at least the betrayal has started early enough, so both him and the powerful anti-ruto force have time on their side. However, no one controls the narrative, one can only use it to their advantage. I believe this year is a very important year. Whatever happens in the political landscape will give indicators as to whether ruto will wither the brewing powerful force or not. The referendum and census are key political indicators to watch this year. Both of these will influence greatly what happens in 2022