Wrong move

Pesa itakulwa tu


unless uhunye rigs…ruto atachukua hio kitu

The more Mt. Kenya get fractured , the the more Ruto get Screwed.

Wacha aingie tukule hio pesa amekuwa akiibia wakenya in tenders.

No. Uhunye’s declaration of Nasa support is a merit to Ruto.


Wanjigi the thug… No one in this country will vote for a someone who is seen as a billionaire.

Unless Wanjigi is willing to tell us a story of how he started from selling three chicken in kitisuru and got to where he is today, he will be seen as out of touch with electorate.

Hustler narrative has caught on and there’s no going back.


Ngoja next election tuone.

They said that in the last one. And the one before. Wasn’t Uhuru a Billionaire in 2013?