Wristwatch issue

Hii swali ni kwa fundi wa saa.

I have an issue. Kama ktalk peasant certified, reporting from Gatwikira I have been having issues with my watches. I have 5, three that I wear over the weekend and two that are my day to day watches.
The three have been having battery issues as it seems not to last more than a year at a time. The 2 watches that I wear day to day are good. Since new I’ve not had to replace the battery.

Have to mention that none of the watches are mechanical. So no need for majira or shaking shaking the watch. I also store the watches separate from each other in watch cases so that they don’t drink each others battery.

I’ve been wondering, does wearing the watch actually affect battery life. Kwani inanikunywa damu. I also notice that watches in jewellery shops are mostly not moving.

How can this issue be prevented/avoided?



Ndio shida ya zile watch za street hawkers a 150

Have you tried chloride exide batteries?

I have a Rado and the battery goes kitu 3 years hivi. Did I mention I got it in 95?

Kababa najua hii post is targeted to a certain pink handle, hauna shida ya saa… Wajanja tumekusoma lakini haithuru :smiley:

Exactly. @kah tony weka picha ya saa vizuri.

Rado? Haki wewe ni billionaire. I once visited a shopping mall in New Delhi and I wanted to acquire a ‘rado’ watch I had seen advertised on Indian times. My friend, the watch was costing 4.5 lakhs!
Mimi ni mzee wa Citizen na Titan

Have you checked the power rating of the strap?

You should save all that money you use to buy 5 watches and buy one watch that won’t come with all these problems

Hapo juu nimesema mimi ni peasant because I was expecting ya’ll to gather here and dick ride.

I almost responded before it hit me…

I also have it replaced at the same shop on Wabera street area. Unless the mhindi is not serious.

Brother I think you are using dick ride wrong, kama haiko kwa dictionary ya 1950 wachana nayo

Reverse psychology kababa ndo unatumia. Btw c ufanye vile umeambiwa. Piga picha ya 5 watches ule madam aone. :D:p

Shida ni battery sio watch review.

Hata logo nime bock for obvious reasons but Hii thread yote ni kukojolea tu

Ama nimuite?

You don’t have context of what I’m saying…as you were.

Titan ni ya midro class peasants

nani ?