Would You Pay 5k For A Copy Like This?

It is not funny. NOT funny at all

You know the drill. You know the routine.
The article needs editing.
That feisty client zoom meeting is in 43 minutes.
What’s with your neighbor taking the charger last night and not bringing it back?
You expect the WhatsApp new client response anytime now.
How long is this kettle going to take to boil my coffee water?
I want my coffee and I want it NOW.


The lights go out. What?
That ghostly silence in the plot.
The woofers are silent
Maina-Kageni and Churchill go silent.
The kettle goes silent

You paid last night.
No tone. It is NOT the token.
Then it hits you …

There is no power.
F&ck. Ruto. Waiguru. Jayden. Suluhu. Cousin Fu$ker.

“Si watu wa KPLC wanapenda stima yao Sana!
Mvua kidogo tu wamekimbia kuianua isinyeshewe”
[SIZE=1](stolen from Twitter)[/SIZE]

It is not funny. NOT funny at all


The article.
The Zoom Meeting.
How will I function without my coffee?
My Smartphone. How long will the power last?
The laptop. How long will the battery last?

Fellow Academic and Article Writers on Ktalk Group,
Kenya Power has a monopoly.
They will switch you off when they want, not when you want.

If your LAPTOP BATTERY does not last more than 8 hours, it is not funny. NOT funny at all.

Contact Elite Computers right now for a long-lasting laptop battery solution.
Because when Kenya Power interrupts Power supply, it is not funny. NOT funny at all.

Elite computers
Stall A14
Glory Exhibition
Ground Floor
Imenti House
Moi Avenue Side

Contact Person: Wamuyu Mwai
WhatsApp; Calls; Text Messages
254 711 278 274

You had my undivided attention at the kunguru

Yes Agent Jack Bauer.