Would You Eat The Booty??

So as the world is evolving and becoming more ‘modernized’ people are becoming more nasty. A couple of years ago, you would barely hear people talk of eating the vj. Couples did it in private and did not want their friends to know about it. Today? People are broadcasting to the world of how good they are at eating the honey comb. Some ladies even say that they can’t be in a relationship with a guy who doesn’t eat the kitty. The same is applicable to the guys, we want girls who give BJs… Personally I can’t lie I have ate the vajajay but only that of my former girlfriend.

Now a new trend is emerging EATING THE BOOTY!! And by that I don’t mean kissing on the ass cheeks NO! I mean munching on the asshole, putting your tongue in someone’s asshole. My question to the ladies, have you had this done to you? Would you recommend it? Would you reciprocate and eat your partner’s ass? To the guys would you eat your partner’s ass? Would you like if your girl to do it to you?

In my opinion I recommend trying something new just to spice up the relationship but I would NEVER eat ass and would never let someone near my butthole. That is nasty and there is no way that my tongue will become someone’s fecal swab. Kwanza some of this women don’t even wash know how to wash their ass, so what happens when you get some piece of shit in your mouth? Stop with the nastiness!!

I welcome your responses… :slight_smile:

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I would never eat ass that is how faggotry begins, a man who is used to dry frying mkia ya madem can easily kamua another man’s mkia akikosa dem.




Shida ilianza hapa ivi. 2.15 to be exact


Ningekujibu lakini wee ni joker aka (new villager)…Njambahuthu and ua mate Atwoli, some1 is knockin at ua door.

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^^^True story. No lie. :smiley:

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  • be me drunk as fúck
  • met some old flame, she knows am good
  • webdev can I crash at your place?
  • chic is a strong 7/10
  • noworries.jpg
  • fast forward we in bed after a shower
  • chic starts licking my 12" pole, feels good bro.
  • gets lower to the balls with her tongue then the anal opening.
    -wtf is she doing, in a split second another thought not bad after all.
  • accepts the rim job and cum buckets.

P.s in before you gay yadayada, Am straight.

P.s.s fags can’t green text



Y is this village obsessed with ass fucking and lickin?

:D:D:eek:… No comment…

Talk sister, don’t sugar coat.Sema ilikua real but ulkuamlevi

My appetite gone just there!

https://pbs.twimg.com/media/CFhjDYyWoAAjU4S.jpgSo nowadays this is the new quickie?Mafala nyinyi.


Majuu hakuna Typhoid, cholera, dysentry etc. Jaribu at your own risk

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What would you be looking for there? Eating her booty itakusaidiaje wewe kumwaga ?

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[ATTACH=full]5792[/ATTACH] @ol monk Hekaya!

usiniambie hamlambangi matako… mimi kwanza kama dame ni yellow yellow lazima nitumbukize ulimi… that’s my foreplay… lakini kwanza lazima niinuse… nikipatana na dame mih humfinger mkundu alafu nanusa kidole, hapo ndio naamua kama ntamlamba…

btw ni madame wachache wanakuaga wasafi hiyo pande

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If you want to see how freaky she can get…FIERCE!

what guys dont seem to know is that watu wa porn hufanya enema, thorough draining and washing of colon rectum and buthole. kuna mbisha likua klost ya jamaa amekamua mkia alafi dem akashonde bwwweeeeh kkhhhooophtooo!


That’s a good start!

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