would you date a political lady?

My gf wants to joins politics, with support of some of her relatives who are vying for seats. she has already began challenging some politicians and seems inspired. Personally i hate publicity and i’m not comfortable with this, what’s your opinions

Run for the hills. You will be castrated, ask Shollei.

She’ll dump you the moment she clinches that seat. For a woman to respect/love a man, she has to look upto him. A woman cannot love her social inferior.

If a woman has a large income, she’s going to be turned off by your middle class salary.

she is already giving mkia to the party leader.

never ever hao tuna kulaga kama ndondo chafua

A politician is a very ambitious creature:Dshe will find someone else to help her climb the Political ladder.

She will be twerking kinyambizzz at room 254 Weston for soodi as he slaps that arse like a ponstar , meanwhile you will be crying like a baby kwa your bedroom wanking like @rexxsimba and you are married.

A politician wife???[ATTACH=full]435017[/ATTACH]

MCA, MP, Women rep?

Unless you are a wealthy business man/careerman, you are doomed.

The moment a woman becomes more powerful than you, she will immediately look for another man who is more powerful than her. It is natural, instinctive, and with statistical evidence.

Even if you earn 500k per month, if your woman starts earning 600k per month, utaanza kuonyeshwa tumadharau tudogo tudogo. Pray to God that during that time, usipoteze kazi. To fill the vacuum you have left, she will start dating alpha men who are more powerful or wealthier than her.

So you have two choices:
i) When she starts making money from politics, be shrewd and use those resources to empower yourself. Use the money to invest. Convince her that you’re a good manager and a businessman and empower yourself with the resources she brings home. That way, you will still remain the king.

ii) Run and never look back. Look for a woman you can dominate; both in wealth and power.

Choose what you deem the best for you under your prevailing circumstances.

Niaje Kilundeezy

Mchagua kuma si…

The moment my wife thinks of becoming a politician is the day i will leave her, look at Shebesh, shollei and many others.

Politician ya wapi, cattle dip committee chair lady? Nadungiconoka Kaino type.

Thanks wadau, that was what i was fearing. i better leave as soon as yesterday

Osungu. Dll

Angesema Tu ‘a politician’

@kanguthu tuonìe mboco ya kiino.

Hata atwoli bazenga aliwacha second wife juu aliingia siasa.

Shebesh, Shollei, Ngilu, Karua, Kilimo, NiYaSweetie

Kwani nyinyi ni waoga aje, more money to my woman the better. Wa kupeana aka kunguru ata peana tu hata awe housewife. Better enter an open relationship….kukalia wanawake iliisha kitambo gani. Zaeni na kila mtu afanye hustle yake.

Najaribu kusema, wacha khupipi akuwe politician