Would It Be Mean To Tell Africa About The Global Economy?


I know its a satirical piece but bado inakasirisha

i thought the globe was focusing on africa esp with kenya joining brics.
did you know that a third of children born in 2030 will be a nigger.
a big market there.
also the growth of the african continent will surpass anywhere else in the global.
i replied to the title.

The assholes above cannot compare with the richest africans. Fucking white pussies and dicks!

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a nigga whose purchasing power will mot likely be lower than a European’s or American’s pet hamster due to poor governance and tribalism

Sad but funny. The craziest thing is that some whiteys will actually take that as gospel truth.

you think the african cannot be in charge?
and i wonder why africa will remain backstage

hahaha!! onion, this made my day

House nigger detected

maasai with their sticks…moi too:D