Worst Veterinary in Kenya

How do you poison a dog and call yourself a trained vet?


Putting down animals is being kind to them by saving them from suffering and is part of being a good vet

Poisoning a dog is unprofessional especially for a “vet”

then how do you go about it if not poisoning??a vet comes with a gun???she drowns them??eats them for supper???..tell us

For quality vet services i trust.

they mainly use strychnine…

still a painful one if you ask me,plus is it not the same she used considering the symptoms
[I]Symptoms of Strychnine Poisoning in Dogs If your dog has been exposed to strychnine, symptoms will occur rapidly. Symptoms can appear in as little as 10 minutes and up to two hours after ingestion or inhalation. Symptoms of strychnine poisoning include
: Tenseness Stiffness Agitation Vomiting Seizures Rigid standing Convulsions Dilated pupils Asphyxiation Hyperthermia Hemorrhaging

Read more at: https://wagwalking.com/condition/strychnine-poisoning [/I]

unaona hiyo mizoga vile imenyoosha miguu?

But why did these guys keep so many dogs? Ama ni business? I it is a business it should be regulated.

yea siffness also a strychnine symptom…all am saying the doctor worked under the legalized protocol

Painful for me to watch. But the owner of these dogs should be punished.

it was business yes.

Would you use a dull knife to slaughter a goat?


Using barbiturates lasts 5 seconds compared to what the stupid Kenyan vet did int the video. I bet KSPCA has a better euthanasia process.

Lazima kuna shida na the owner of that business. The damage has already been done to the family that lost a child but this guy should be locked up. Cannot imagine such a thing happening to me or someone close to me.

the international rule of keeping canines is ONCE IT TASTES HUMAN FLESH IT NEVER GOES BACK TO NORMAL MEAT thats why they had to die kama tu TSAVO man eaters , but nilifikiria mtoi wa birionea alikulwa na mbwa za maana si hizi shenji .

Unaipea tu zile machakula alikuwa anapost hapa akiwa Njoguini…io ni sumu tosha

SORRY!!! what???

ile food @Kihii Kiaganu was posting here akiwa Njoguini is more worse than the poison the vet administered to those dogs

malaya mzee wewe…peleka ushoga mbali.

be civil son