Worrying Fat

Not long ago people used to be fat nicely. Round and firm. These days thats not the case. I have observed many have rolls of fat that look like stick-ons and shake upon taking a step. Even slim petite individuals have them on the sides. Its an interesting phenomena. . .

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wacha kutafuta excuse ya kunona…unono ni unono

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our stupid men will be the death of us. we glorify matanye (akina @uwesmake ) and hips making those with nice round backbuns feel bad about themselves; so they go binge eating to increase the sitting allowance. unfortunately the food has a mind of its own and chooses to stay around the stomach. the same men then contemptuously dismiss them as having tyres…

Actually, mimi niko fit.

hapo sawa

so how do you want us to solve this cunundrum

:D:DGud example ya Supu (Impostor)

Gashwin I love big momos

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there is an advert i saw,In need of a language teacher… utatoboa ??

weka mbisha ya wewe ukiwa fit ama ni hekaya tu

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Portable hulahoop ndio wanatetemesha.

Naweza but I’m into science. Am not a teacher though.

Hizo zinaitangwa michelin tyres

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contraceptives abusers



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weka mbisha ama fideo…

nakujua :smiley:

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I guess you’re smarter than my Lumia 920 autocorrect

Ni heri ata kunona. I have been looking for fat and I havent found it. Ata nimedungagwa sindano ya mafuta ya “Joma” na sijapata michelin. Being fit doesnt mean anything for a man except for health. For women its a diffferent story.