Does anyone of you has experience with this money transfer service from Europe, in particular Germany, to Kenya?

I have been using them for years now. though not from Europe. They’re very reliable and incase of anything (rarely) their customer service is always there to offer assistance.

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Thanks. Till now I’m using Postbank and though I’m paying the transfer fees, our students have to pay too, the amounts are varying from bank to bank. How is it with WorldRemit?

You still pay the transfer fees with world remit but the charges are lower compared to moneygram and western union. The transfer charges are fixed and depends on the amount you’re sending. When you register though you’ll have to submit a copy of your license or passport for identification purposes before you are allowed to send the money. The best thing is the recipient can receive money via Mpesa in minutes.

Thanks, Unicorn, will try it next time.