World Cup Team

I will be supporting Team Brazil in this Year`s World Cup.
Which team r u supporting??


hey, long time no see

hebu nenda uko FTA, kuna maswali kadhaa which i believe you can answer

poa mdoss…acha nikimbie huko

I’ll be supporting Italy and Ghana

In Europe Germany usually has the advantage.
It will be my team but ferk Ozil.


I’m with Belgium this World Cup. Their squad looks promising

Don’t cry for me Argentina…all the way

Red devils


I read this quote attributed to Mascherano nikacheka sana…

Sijui mnaongea nini na hii world cup ni ya Messi.

I watched Brazil yesterday and they look good. I think they will be in the semis.

Every world cup there’s a surprise team, in this one naona an Asian country sijui kwa nini. Either iran, south Korea, ama Japan.

I don’t think they have fixed their flaws from the last tournament. OK David Luis hayuko, but pale mbele bila Neymar wanalemewa.


Actually, they have, the current squad is a blend of young and experienced players. They are stronger at the back even though they don’t play with a lot of flair like other Brazilian teams of the past.

Poland, even though I can’t pronounce any of their team players…maybe except Lewadonksi…

Nimeshoka, samehea mimi

As Africans, we must realize that some countries are our core enemies because they encourage racism. It is a taboo to support them when we have great teams like Belgium, France, Brazil, and England that have given minority Africans a chance to feature in their national teams.
Argentina is a country that had many Africans long ago because of slave trade but you will never see a dark-skin player in the team the way you see blacks in the Brazilian team.
Russia is the most notorious racism country in the world cup. African players who have dared play in thier leagues have always necountered racist chants.
I am praying that a black African country wins this world cup in RUSSIA as a statement that we are not monkeys goofing around on the pitch.