World cup qualifier to be replayed


Referee alikua ana egemea upande moja…

supporters wa jubilidiot wana faa kujua hizi vitu hufanyika

Maraga ashafika UEFA??

noma sana

Between who and who? US v North Korea?

Will this be used as precedent or the life ban slapped on the match official was only done because he is an African and the match pitied two African countries?
FIFA should be consistent, we see a lot of poor officiating in UEFA Champions League matches but FIFA and UEFA have made up rules that protect them as demi gods.
Banning the match official for life because he awarded a penalty that never was (since it was later confirmed that the ball hit kalidou koulibaly on the knee and not his arm),was harsh. We see penalties that are not penalties being awarded in EPL, we rant and complain but life and football goes on like nothing ever happened there before.
What is so new before the eyes of FIFA on this match?How peculiar is it? They could have a talk with the official and establish circumstances around the awarding of the spot kick…after all he has no advantage of seeing real time replays (that is if he is did not do it on purpose anyway).


It was South Africa vs Senegal.

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your main point taken

Who had won initially

South Africa won 2-1.

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Hata ile champions league final ya 2006 ikuwe repeated. Tuliibiwa