world coming to an end.

Three teachers from Homabay
County are out in the cold after
they were interdicted by the TSC
following reports that they are
notorious s*x pests.
The commission arrived at this
decision after they established
that more than 200 pupils have
been defiled and impregnated by
their teachers in that County in
the last one year alone.
Among the three is a primary
school teacher in Rachuonyo who
is accused of flirting and
molesting female pupils in his
The County’s TSC director told the
media that notorious teachers are
from Kombaka Primary School
who touch girls inappropriately.
Despite reporting this, teachers
ignored them, forcing parents to
demonstrate to the TSC offices.
Area politicians led by Homabay
Women Representative, Gladys
Wanga, condemned defilement
urging the courts to punish the
teachers so as to serve as an
example to others with such

And how is this indicating that the world is coming to an end, hizi vitu zimekuwa zikihappen.

really now bei a teacher is a second parent…why would he do that??