World Bank "washes" Kenya with whooping Ksh 1.85 Trillion Money

You are right that in the previous constitution the president would steal a huge chunk of the money. But not at this scale. With the new constitution, there 1000s of people stealing much more money. The development money that you are happy about could have been used more effectively if fewer politicians were involved. Right now, the money that is being stolen has been loaned to us so we can continue feeding fat politicians and that money. Even if development was lower at that time, life was bearable. Taxes were lenient. Jobs were plentiful. All that will be erased in the next 5 years. The Ksh will be as weak as fk coz our leaders and his looters are taking money only in USD. This means that a lot of the USD being loaned to us today isn’t even getting into the country. We are just printing money. The looting is worse than Moi and Kibaki era combined.

At least a default has been avoided that is what I was worried about I hope ruto uses this new clean slate to stabilize kenya but what we don’t know are the hidden costs of this

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Ile urongo anus lickers waliambiwo Sunday kanisani. Kila siku urongo and inviting the demonic french

But it went to a referendum and Kenyans voted for it.

I also blame Kenyans for making wrong choices when it comes to voting. Personally I think a default is the only way out of this mess. Getting loans will be harder and some harsh reforms would have to be enacted. It will be painful but it will help the country in the long term. People will vote for people of integrity due to the lessons learnt. A default will force government accountability.

Kenya has a lot of players interested bro and our citizens are far down the pecking order the default situation is too volatile it’s like opening a Pandora box you cannot always control chaos so kenya will keep getting bailed out so long as we remain useful to our masters

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It lightens my heart to see niggas seeing the truth for what it is. If you look at the agricultural output of these “developed” regions you realize they are the laziest, they just eat the sweat of others.


75% will be taken to Central and South Rift Valley

Mumependa kujidanganya enyewe.

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If the West loves Kenya that much si watupige zile Marshal plan walipea West Germany na Japan after WW2 pia sisi tuinuke banae

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Wanapenda Kenya lakini hawataki tuinuke, their wealth is based on our continued poverty

How kenya has nothing strategic that’s important to them

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A loyal puppet government is almost as strategic as minerals

Those lambasting the constitution how old are you?

Take time and find out why some aspects of the constitution are the way they are.Also read about the 2007 post election violence.

Some of what you are suggesting was on the table but your favorite ethnic kingpin threw them out claiming the current status is the best.

I find no difference between what you are saying and when you vehemently defend incompetent leaders claiming the alternatives are worse with no justification.

A concession loan is different from non concessional.I think it was by design shouting some things at the UN,gracing some events in western capitals,agreeing to go to Haiti,failing to convince XI in Beijing.Maybe that was the price of convincing who is who at IMF etc.If it’s true about that money,it’s encouraging.